Character list


ML : Jasper.

A Tycoon, king of underworld and member of council.

A genius in tech and hacking.

He has blue eyes and blonde hair with very well tonned body. A slight scar near his eyebrow make him look both sexy and cold.

FL 1 : (Before reincranation)

Her Chinese name : Zhou Biyu

Her English name : Evelyn Walker.

She is the one who will reincranate into his first love. She is badass, powerful, cunning and calculative person yet good and kind by heart

She is the powerful heiress of one of the most powerful family who is closely related to Jasper.

She is a pro in hacking and business. And she is one of the member of council and also a formidable group named 'Mysterious red hacker's'.

She has brownish hair and Hazel eyes. Petite and very fair on appearance. Little chubby yet curvy and appealing *hehe*

FL 2 : (Before reincranation)

Name : Linda Jones

She is Jasper's first and only love who is separated from him. She will die and Evelyn reincranate into her.

Since start, she is the fallen queen of modelling and top actor. Her family background is mysterious and she is soft and sensitive in nature before reincranation.

(Author's request to remember)

Even after reincranation we use name Linda itself. Only people who knows the real truth will call her Biyu. Please don't get confused.




1.Jean Grey : Jasper's sister.

2.Scott Summers : Jasper's brother in law.

3.Jason, Scarlet and Sage : Jasper's nephew's.   and neice. 

4.Austin : Biyu (Evelyn's) boyfriend 

5.Austin's boss : identity mysterious.  

6.Catherine : Austin's real girlfriend 

7.Zake Walker : Evelyn's uncle.

8.Lu Mingyu : Biyu's best friend ( like a Brother)

9. Su couple : Su Ming and Su Jun. Biyu's friends

10.William Ye : Linda's fiancé.

11.Zhou Feng : Biyu's cousin brother

12.Ye Mei : William's sister 


13.Alexandra (Alex) : Jasper and Linda's.  childhood friend  

14.Liam Wayne : A Hollywood actor who is also Linda and Jasper's childhood friend. 

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15.Blake : A psychyatrist who will be treating Biyu. 

16.Cara Walker : Adopted sister of Biyu.....currently vanished. 

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