209 Cara's imposter

But not many months back she got a heart-breaking information that her beloved elder sister Zhou Biyu died. 

And, now all in sudden she got to know that a woman named Linda started acting as if she is the heiress of both Walker family and Zhou family. After hearing that name, Cara couldn't help but remember that Linda is none other than Jasper's childhood sweetheart. 

But she thought that it is not possible. After she found out that her parents didn't die in accident but white shadow organization killed them, Cara started working on her own mission. 

She wanted to find out about everything that lead them to her parents death.

That lead her to military in country A. She found out that her parents were working with military of country A when they died. 

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So, she asked her uncle Zack to let her join in military and he agreed for that. With her connections on council she managed to get a citizenship of country A and joined in military. 

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