51 Brian's master plan....

After making the arrangements for Linda, Jasper ended the call. It's not even been thirty minutes and he got the call from another team. 

The team that is under Evelyn (Biyu's) control. 

This time, his heart started thumping even more louder. 

But with the same trembling hands he received the call. 

They will never call him until unless something is really, really wrong. 

"Jasper…..Evelyn is dead!!" as soon as he heard it, his heart almost stopped and his eyes blurred with tears. His mind went blank and his breath quickened. 

Even his eyes started to darken that he quickly leaned against the wall nearby. 

With the most extreme pained voice…he choked as he asked again. 

He never felt this type of gloominess swallowing him. His heart is too heavy that he felt like he is sinking into the ground. 

"What….what did you say? You're not kidding right?" Jasper asked. 

The person on the other side is Liam Wayne, his best friend and the vice president of Braxton corporations. 

He just arrived at City H to look into the new branch and he first decided to contact Jasper. 

But Jean (Jasper's sister) told him that Jasper will be busy in taking care of this leak in council's data. 

So, he decided to call Biyu (Evelyn).

And it is only when he found out that Biyu is in hospital at very critical condition. So, he rushed to the hospital and as soon as he arrived, the doctor just came out and confirmed her death. 

It was an accident…

Biyu is known for her rash driving. As a car racer, she always like to drive fast and all her cars are sports cars. 

So, just like always when she is driving she accidentally lost her control and barged to the opposite side of road. 

At the same time, a huge container carrying vehicle which was travelling in that line hit her. 

As Biyu accidentally drove into the opposite side, it was all her fault and the other driver is dead just because of her. 

He died on the spot, while Biyu's car travelled back a little due to the impact and then rolled down. 

It got crashed but luckily she didn't die. Soon she is taken to the hospital and the operation started. 

But her condition became critical in the middle, that operation failed. As a result she died. 


In the hospital…

"What was she doing out at that time. Where is she travelling?" a detective asked the people close to her. 

"Sir, Ms. Zhou informed that she want to go to her brother's private villa" a maid who works in Biyu's villa said. 

"And, Mr. Zhou, you don't know that your cousin is coming to see you?" he asked again. 

Zhou Feng, who is in deep shock shook his head sideways. His eyes bloodshot and body trembling. 

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"So, is thus something we should feel suspicious as?" detective asked. 

"No sir, Ms. Zhou actually wanted to go to the main mansion and she called them to inform but she later found out that Mr. Zhou wasn't there and he is in his own villa." The same maid answered. 

She is just telling what has happened. 

"Hmm…." Detective nodded his head, gesturing to continue. 

"After that Ms. Zhou tried to call Mr. Zhou, but he didn't pick the call and this somehow made Ms. Zhou so excited. Madam thought that Mr. Zhou is hiding something from her."

"She thought that Mr. Zhou is having a girlfriend…and that he is hiding her from all of them. So, to caught him red handed….Ms. Zhou decided to visit them without informing him. She was excited to meet her future sister in law that she took the most fastest car" maid said. 

As soon as Feng heard it...his face darkened and his eyes blurred again with tears. 

Yes, he is with his girlfriend back then. They are too busy in love making that he kept his mobile in silent mode. 

It is only now, he noticed the missed call. 

He couldn't help but blame himself for that. If he would have accepted the call and talked with her…..she might not have got over excited and traveled this fast at midnight. 

He is one of the reason she is dead..  

This made him so sad.. 

"So, Mr. Zhou…..is it true that you are with your girlfriend and didn't receive your cousin, Biyu's call?" detective asked 

Feng nodded his head and buried his face into his palms as he started crying. 

Even the detective felt sad. 

The operation is done by Biyu's own grandmother. She is luckily in the hospital at the time she was brought to hospital. 

Now, she is crying very badly because she herself killed her own granddaughter with her own hands. 

If she would have been more cautious while doing the operation….Biyu might have been alive now. 

This started killing her grandmother from inside…..just like how Feng is feeling now. 

"Why did Biyu wanted to go to her brother's place all in sudden?" detective asked again. 

If she has stayed back in her house this wouldn't have happened. 

"Sir, Ms. Zhou has a friend named Jasper. They are neighbors in paradise complex….so, she use to stay in the penthouse there. But he had some office works and he traveled back to his Country." 

"Ms. Zhou felt very boring so she came back to her villa. In the villa she started feeling bored…so she decided to go back to her grandparents home and it is how all this happened" maid said again. 

And now, it is Jasper's turn to feel guilty. 

If he was there today, she might have stayed back in the penthouse and this might not have happened at all. 

At least this is what Austin's boss planned as a cover story. Brian…his right hand person was the one behind this plan. 

Now, as everyone are busy blaming themselves, they often fail to find out the real truth. 

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