154 Bonding up their souls

"I think it's Jasper. He literally grew up between the couple's who are exceptionally perverted and romantic." Liam asserted very confidently. 

"Of course, he would have learnt almost everything from them" he added seeing their raised eyebrows. 

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"Hey, don't underestimate Biyu. She can be very domineering sometimes. That girl has many shades hidden in her. What if one of the shade is to have kinky, wild and intense fantasies?" Mingyu grinned. 

Meanwhile, Feng and Ye Mei Who were watching this 'who is best at sex' debate looked at each other with horror and unbelief written on their faces. 

This conversation….they hadn't expected it to be so shameless and perverted. 

"Hold on, hold on guys. I think it is enough" Ye Mei interfered, her cheeks little red. 

"If you people are that interested to know, ask the couple tomorrow." Feng supported his wifey. 

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