115 Body guards

"I can feel his lusty glares" Biyu hissed. 

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"And, I can feel murderous aura from your bodyguards" Blake answered. 

"Bodyguards??" Biyu laughed. 

Meanwhile, William whose all attention is on her, hissed and clenched his fists. Her laugh made him feel mesmerized by her. 

She never laughed like this when she was with him. But now, she is laughing in such a carefree manner. 

Was she never happy with him back then?? 

This Linda seems so different from the Linda he knew….

But her absence made him realize how obsessed he is with her. He wanted her no matter what and he want to possess her and tame her as his mistress. 

However, he is aware that it is difficult because she is no longer with him….

"Your overprotective boyfriend Jasper, your brothers Mingyu and Feng along with your friends Liam and Su Jun" Blake answered to her question. "They are like your bodyguards, ready to kill that man" he teased. 

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