189 Boards meeting!!

While Ye Mei was freed from her induced coma, her grandparents, Feng, Jasper, Biyu, Zhou grandparents along with Mingyu and Su couple are present in hospital. 

Even Veronica/ *Linda* came to see Mei. 

Seeing all these people taking care for their granddaughter, Ye Mei's grandparents felt very overwhelmed.

"Mei" Feng cautiously called as he noticed Ye Mei slowly opening her eyes. 

Mei's mind is still disorientated. She couldn't recall what all has happened on the day she got kidnapped. 

Every memory is vague and blurry that she couldn't differ between what is real and what is not. 

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Moving her hand in between her strands of hair, she looked around, her eyes still getting accustomed to brightness in the room. 

It is only when she felt a warm hand engulfing her own. 

She heard someone calling her and when she looked at the man, her eyes teared up instantly. 

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