162 Blackmail

She had her alarm set at 6 am but it is already past seven but her alarm didn't help her to wake up. 

She is not yet aware of the storm brewing towards her direction now. 

*Linda* only woke up when her mobile started to ring continuously. 

"V, it's your mobile love" her fiancé,  Yang Jingyu spoke in his sleepy tone nuzzling into her neck. 

*Linda* groaned, pulling her blanket over her head. She involuntarily placed her head on his chest and snuggled closer. 

She couldn't help but smile in her sleep. It's been ages she got cherished by someone like this. Now, she could die without regrets. 

At last, she found a happy family for herself. 

Meanwhile, Yang Jingyu chuckled and peeked at her mobile while caressing her bare back.. 

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"It's a private number, Hon. I think it's your dad" he told her and frowned confusingly. 

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