47 Biyu would have done this!!

"Sir, there is no one in the house. It is empty….." one of the person clad in black spoke in his speaker. 

Meanwhile at the other side… 

Austin and his boss are sitting in the another study room. It is not the room in which Biyu has her mic enabled. 

So, she is basically not even aware that the main sub villain is here with Austin to monitor Jasper's death. 

He is actually too busy but Jasper's end is something he is looking forward….

He didn't plan anything but had let Austin do all of it. He just want to find out how capable this Austin is, moreover….though he had a hunch that Austin will not succeed in killing Jasper…he just wanted to give it a try. 

So, when he heard the subordinate, he didn't react as much as Austin did. He stood there calm and expressionless. 

"Tell me everything what you did in this previous week" he asked Austin after thinking a while. 

Meanwhile Austin shivered. His boss's cold and calm voice made him feel shivers across his spine. 

But left with no option he narrated everything he did, and what was the outcome of it. 

His boss looked at him for one split second and averted his cold eyes. He started connecting the dots that would relate it to this failure. 

And within few minutes he sneered.

 "Biyu betrayed you. She might have found out about your inside plan and also your secret girlfriend" he silently mocked. 

Austin snapped his head in surprise but as soon as he met those cold, angry eyes he instantly looked down feeling shame and surprise at same time. 

How did he know about Catherine! !

And how can Zhou Biyu betray him. He is so sure that she is in head over heels in love with him….to even think of it. 

Moreover, she didn't even suspect a thing last week. Even when she arrived at city H few weeks ago, she is still the same innocent love sick fool. 

"She must have eavesdropped your conversation nor someone would have helped her to find out about you. Austin, your relationship with your new girlfriend is the prime reason for your failure" his boss said again. 

Which is indeed very true. Mingyu found about Catherine (Austin's real girlfriend) and informed Biyu about it. 

After realizing it, Biyu found out that he is using her. Just like others, after she realized her mistake she tried to redeem it. 

With her fast instincts and stable mind, she really took the action sooner rather than drowning in her sorrow of heart break. 

"Follow me" his boss ordered and Austin obediently followed him to the study room. 

"As per what you said, you must have discussed about the plan in this room right? As Biyu found out about this plan, there should at most two ways she succeed in doing it" he said as he silently scrutinized the room. 

"One, someone from inside would  have helping her. Or.....she should have attached something in this room to eavesdrop you" Austin's boss narrowed his eyes as he scanned the room. 

"We can rule out the first option because no one will dare to do it and moreover if that was the case…The person who is helping her would have informed about everything before itself. As neither of these are possible, the probable way is that she eavesdropped" he concluded as his hands skimmed on the computer table and the tablet on it. 

Austin is totally shocked as he gaped. 



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That is not possible…

His boss looked at the confused Austin and couldn't help but get disappointed. 

"I really had hopes on you Austin…but it seems like I selected the wrong person." He shook his head. 

"For the question that is running in your mud head…..there is no need to come till here to plant a mic or something like that. By sitting in their own place they can do anything" his boss said. 

"But boss…..Biyu is not that…" Austin is about to speak but stopped because of the reddened eyes of his boss. 

"Never underestimate someone just like how you are doing now….nor overestimate someone like how I did with you now…" his boss's words pierced Austin's heart. 

His blood boiled with anger towards Biyu. If she is here standing in front of him he would have killed her thousand times by now. 

But he didn't dare to look eye to eye with his boss. 

"Ahh...there is no use regretting it now. I should have taken this matter seriously and handled  Biyu. What should I tell my brother now… he will kill me" his boss murmured to himself. 

Their big boss is even more dangerous…

Sighing again he angrily looked at Austin who is looking at him now with wide eyes. 

"Boss, however I have information related to council. I think it is about Jasper's personal life, weaknesses and some stuff like it. Along with this Biyu gave me some information about the on going missions in council. Look into that….it might help. Even Big boss might forgive us" Austin hopefully said. 

As soon as his boss heard it, a tiny hope welled up in his eyes but vanished as soon as it came. 

"Ahh…..at last something useful from you. Quickly, give me that information" he ordered Austin. 

Austin smiled a little and hurried to the room connected to the room in which they are standing. He took the tab Biyu gave him and gave it to his boss. 

"YOU FOOL, THIS IS NOT OPENING" his boss shouted and Austin almost died with heart attack. 

"Boss…" he stuttered and took the tab with trembling hands and tried to open it…..but in vain. 

Biyu must have done something to this… 

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