27 Biyu tricks Linda's fiancé

"But, Mr. Ye….I think I can use your help here" Biyu gave him a sweetest smile ever as she swept all her hair to one of her shoulder, exposing her curvy side of neck .

William Ye is now drowning in the ocean of lust as he saw the luscious curves of her neck. Her neck is so milky and smooth that he wanted to fill it up with hickeys.

Though Biyu could feel his scorching gaze on her, she tolerated it. He will not dare to touch her because he knows how protective her maternal family is towards her.

A single drop from her eyes is enough for them to destroy this person in front of her.

"My help? Of course….of course Ms. Zhou. In fact it's my pleasure to help you….even if it is not in my hands I will try my level best to help you" William Ye spoke.

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Biyu gritted her teeth at his flirty words but smiled little shyly.

"Haha…you are really sweet Mr. Ye. Actually it is really an easy task that would not take even a single minute for you to do" Biyu said.

"Oh…..is it. Then, I give you my word Ms. Zhou…consider it as done" he smiled at her.

He only knows how badly he wanted to marry her.

Linda is beautiful, good and extremely in love with him. Even he enjoy his time with her and he will never get bored of her. Call it as lust or love….he needs her.

But even she have many objections with his wild fantasies and along with this she never like when he do something bad to other people.

She lectures him a lot and most importantly she was not ready to accept his over wild fantasies. Then he met his mistress….she is actually a model under Linda's care.

When Linda was a very famous model and her stardom was on peak she use to have some models working for her.

During then he met his mistress Miya. She tried to climb on to his bed one day and it worked out well with her. After continuing like almost for one month they came to a NDA agreement.

He will support her financially and help her in her industry to become famous using his influence. In return of this she will give him whatever he wants.

But Linda isn't like that. She didn't allow him to climb her bed till they got engaged. He was so desperate back then that he agreed to marry her.

But now, it's high time for him to marry but because of his family status he could only marry a girl with equal footing like his.

The best and first choice is Zhou Biyu…

And she is standing in front of him talking so sweetly. So, how can he say no to her.

"I want you to give a job to my friend" Biyu said.

"Haha…Ms. Zhou. You are kidding right" he laughed.

Zhou corporations is far more bigger and top notch than compared to his. If she wants to provide a employment it is just a piece of cake to her.

"I understand what you are thinking Mr. Ye. But he only wants a job in your company because the love of his life works there. He want to meet her, spend some time with her. Actually I thought of arranging other way for him to meet her but I 'happened' to see you here" Biyu said.

"Oh….he is lucky then. Fate has already tied them up together I think so" he laughed totally not aware of the storm it would bring into his life.

"I will ask my assistant to look into it. Tell him that he can join whenever he wish" William Ye said.

"Mr. Ye, the problem here is….he is not some simple employee…he is well talented. But his love doesn't know that. Moreover he is very qualified and I prefer if he is given any director position" Biyu said as she bit her lip making him go berserk.

"But…" he remembered something but Biyu cut him off in middle.

"Your director got fired up this afternoon right. Something illegal about him got leaked and he is forced to resign. Why don't you give that place to my friend" Biyu asked.

Of course, she is the reason behind this firing. She hacked one of the director's personal data….extracted some illegal things about him and leaked it to media.

So that Jasper will be at least given a decent position. He is after all a person with whom no one can compare themselves. His power is something no one can ever attain.

"Sure…..sure Ms. Zhou. But you should come to dinner date with me." He smiled as he asked her.

He can use all his charms and make her fall to him. Later he can dump Linda as his parents doesn't know about her….and marry Biyu.

He never would have expected how twisted his life will be from now on….

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