163 Biyu opens the locker

She didn't take any of her cars but hailed a cab and quickly reached the subway station where the locker is located. 

She knew that all her cars are having trackers and Jasper always have some of his people track them. He is so, so worried about her security but never he had objected to her fun. 

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He just ask her to be careful but now, she is again deceiving him and his trust. 

However, she can build the trust again, anytime they wanted. But, if Ye Mei dies, she would never return back. 

This will break her brother Feng's heart and he will surely become crazy if something like this happens. And, she herself has to live with the guilt that she is the reason for her brother's despair and for her friend's horrible death. 

So, when it came to saving a life or sitting in her room, without doing anything, Biyu selected first option without any hesitation. 

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