26 Biyu meets Linda's fiancé

"You look disappointed" Mingyu chuckled as he saw Biyu pouting and looking at Linda.

"Yeah I am actually disappointed bro. She didn't even react when I babbled about Jasper intentionally. After being with him for so long, she should at least react right!!" Biyu huffed.

"Not everything is as simple as you think girl. There might be some kind of problems too….who knows?" Mingyu shrugged.

"Yeah. You are right….as our time is limited I will not dwell on this girl. Let's start from the other side...William Ye" Biyu laughed.

Mingyu knows the meaning of this laugh. Someone are going to suffer in her hands now.

"What's your plan now, sis? How are you going to start from him?" Mingyu asked.

"Well, as Linda is not showing any response let's 'Coincidentally' create a chance for Jasper to get close to her again." Biyu smirked devilishly.

"I don't understand you at all girl." Mingyu scratched his head.

Biyu couldn't help but laugh.

"Then, wait and see. A seaweed brain like you will not understand a sparkling mind like mine" Biyu flaunted.

Mingyu rolled his eyes and leaned back on to the couch. "I am ready for the show" he said and crossed his arms.

Biyu smiled and winked at him.

"I think I need to use the washroom" Biyu said and stood up before walking away.

Not long after she went, Linda looked at her direction with complex feelings brimmed in her eyes. Sighing again she waited for his fiance's sister to come.


"Biyu, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in country X" a man came from behind and he sounded very angry.

Biyu bit her lips and pitied herself. Why should he come here, that too this day and especially this time.

It is her one and only favorite cousin brother Zhou Feng.

"And, what are you doing here? A busy CEO is here for some fun of what?" Biyu skillfully diverted the topic.

"I came here for clients meeting you silly. Tell me when did you come to city H" Her cousin, Feng asked.

"Just two hours ago" Biyu said.

Logically she didn't lie. She came to China two days back but she came to City H just this evening.

"And, what for?" her cousin brother asked with the raised eyebrow.

"Of course to meet Mingyu, Jun and Ming" Biyu instantly answered.

"Not me or our grandparents?" her brother asked pouting. He is hurt.

"No brother. I will be coming next week too…now I am in a little rush" Biyu pouted.

"Fine…fine. I am going now. Take care" her cousin kissed her forehead and left.

A girl is waiting for him at the corner of the corridor and both of them left the club together hand in hand.

If Biyu would have seen that, she must have been the happiest person.

Sighing deeply, Biyu went into the bathroom.

Exactly after five minutes she got a message from Su couple informing her that they did what she has asked them to do.

Smiling all evil, Biyu exited the restroom only to get bumped into William Ye who is now soaked up in the wine.

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"That…low class idiot. How dare he ruin my suit" William (Linda's fiancé) cursed as he almost walked into a girl.

But she stopped even before their bodies could collide. And this made William very disappointed…..the girl in front of him is so sexy.

He didn't get a chance to feel her.

"Oh….sorry miss" he put on his false facade and apologized to her even before he could see her face properly.

But as soon as he saw her face he couldn't help but feel like he is lucky today.

It is Zhou Biyu…..the only beloved granddaughter of the Elder Zhou.

Though she is rumored as spoiled….he will ultimately get what he wants.

If he marry Zhou Biyu, he will have the full support of Zhou corporations and he will get half of the shares of her grandparents.

He even heard that her father's family is very rich and powerful in their own country.

How good will it be if she fall in his trap.

Instantly his lips curved up and his charming eyes looked at her with a look that would make any girl fall for him.

His poor Linda indeed fell for this.

"Oh, Ms. Zhou….I didn't expect you here. But nice to meet you" William Ye smiled.

Biyu (Evelyn) rolled her eyes internally. She is not a fool to fall for him…..but little she knew that she is the biggest fool who fell for the person who is worse than William Ye.

"Oh…..Mr. Ye. It's you" Biyu smiled back and that increased his anticipation.

"It's been very long since I saw you in any banquets or parties Ms. Zhou….hope everything is fine" he asked her so sweetly that it could melt any girl's heart.

Biyu couldn't help but feel an urge to punch him so that he can never smile like this and trap the girls.

"Thanks for your concern Mr. Ye. I am fine…I was actually overseas and just came back because my friend asked for a favor" Biyu smiled and touched her neck as she continuously moved her finger tips on it.

It made William Ye distracted. How much he wanted to do it with his own mouth rather than her finger tips.

Biyu laughed inside at his worse self control. She didn't even seduce him yet and here he is overflowing with lust.

"Oh…." His hoarse voice made her smirk inside.

"But, Mr. Ye….I think I can use your help here" Biyu gave him a sweetest smile ever as she swept all her hair to one of her shoulder, exposing her curvy side of neck

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