219 Biyu in hospital!!

"Your little princess, Scarlett Summers isn't my target. What will I do by kidnapping a small girl. Even a teenager would be useful toe" Martin mockingly said, making Jasper and Scott clench their fists 

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How dare he talk about a girl like that!!

"This is just a trailer Jasper. I was so bored and wanted to see how will council react if their family members gets kidnapped." Martin laughed. 

"Scarlett was just a play piece to me!!" he chuckled. 

Jasper gritted his teeth.

Play piece!!! 

His niece is a play piece!!

How dare he say that!!

"You guys didn't disappoint me…. I felt so thrilled to see this scene enfold in front of my eyes. You guys were so panicked and you almost turned the country into hell to search for Scarlett" Martin laughed. 

"You guys mobilized all your forces. That was so fun" he chuckled more. 

Scott and Jasper gritted their teeth. 

Isn't this too much!! 

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