179 Biyu's parents death is also connected to white shadows!!!

He might be looking fine but the pain is so vivid in his eyes and it is evident that he is trying to conceal it from everyone. 

Biyu pursed her lips and hugged her brother. A tear rolled down her cheek and sat did Feng's. 

"I will not leave Ye's for what they did" Feng swore. 

"We will support you no matter what. That family deserves it" Jasper told as he patted Feng's shoulder and caressed Biyu's head. 

She looked up, sensing the warm hand on her head. And as soon as she did, the melancholy that was dammed in her heart shredded out. 

She stood up and hugged Jasper tightly, sobbing tremendously. Her body shivered and her face turned red. 

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Jasper couldn't help but panic. He hugged Biyu in his arms and made her sit on his lap, neglecting the other people who are in the room 

This is not the time to think about anything else. 

"Baby girl, what's wrong??" Jasper asked worriedly. 

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