221 Bed rest

After checking on the tiny Braxton in Biyu's stomach, they went back to the mansion. 

Jasper and Biyu took a separate car, so that they can have privacy at least for few more minutes. 

Jasper knows that he will not get his quality time with his wife anymore. As Biyu will be the center of attention for this seven months, he is very well aware of his future. 

He will not even get some quality time with her. 


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Biyu has a beautiful smile on her face as she softly caressed her flat stomach. She couldn't help imagine how she will look with swollen stomach and chubby cheeks. 

She closed her eyes peacefully and leaned her head against Jasper's shoulder. And, as soon he felt her touch, Jasper wrapped his arms around her protectively and gently pulled her into his lap. 

His hands reached for her stomach and he entwined his fingers with his wife's cold ones, softly touching the stomach.

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