169 Be selfish and protect his love

"She seems happy" Biyu said. 

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"She deserves it" Jasper said

 "She suffered a lot and now, she got something which she deserves" Biyu replied as she wrapped her arms around Jasper's arm and leaned on his shoulder. 

"But I am more worried about you, Eve. I am happy for her and in the same time, this makes you the straight target of White shadows organization" Jasper told as he ignited his car. 

Biyu looked at him and she could see the concern filled in his eyes. He is so worried about her right now that she can sense his restlessness and fear. 

All again, he is worried because of her!! Biyu couldn't help but feel guilty. 

However, she knew that she has to stay strong for Jasper. He is so, so stressed out and if she act so in a same way, that could aggravate his migraine. 

She saw how he suffers with that chronic migraines but always hide it from her so that she will not be worried. 

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