112 Banquet part one

It is around eight in evening when the banquet started....

The paparazzi, reporters and photographers are already present at the main gate and their line continued till the double doors of the welcome door. A red carpet is spread for the celebrities and everyone started coming at eight. 

While the outside premises of the banquet hall are filled with liveliness and people, Jasper and Liam are busy in making sure that security is tight and no one is allowed without proper checkup. 

After giving orders to all their teams, they masked their faces. It is after all a masquerade themed banquet. 

At eight pm, everyone started coming. 

First few persons who entered are the Braxton corporation's main directors and shareholders.

 Though they are from other country, many of the people are aware of these prominent figures of business world. The irony here is that, no one are familiar with the almighty CEO.

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