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"Now my night starts and so is my play" Zhou Biyu chuckled as she happily tucked herself to sleep.

Feeling very satisfied with the little, sweet chat she had just now, she closed her eyes and savored the warmth feeling from the breeze.

Her heart is in peace and she let her guards down as she entered her dream land…



At mid night....

Zhou Biyu is sleeping peacefully curled up, hugging her pillow. She looked like she is in deep slumber and she resembled a harmless, little kitten who in turn needs protection.

However, who ever think like that are utterly wrong....

Though she is in deep sleep, she can easily sense that she is not alone in the room....

Her hazel gold like eyes flickered as the shadow crossed her body. She could clearly sense someone lurking in her room.

With her eyes closed and her senses heightened, she could feel the person walking towards her with uttermost cautions not to wake her up.

He is holding a short yet sharp dagger....

Instead of getting afraid, she smiled viciously. However, even before that person could register her unparalleled expression...

On that exact second, the knife closed on to her neck, she skillfully dodged it and twisted his arm as she swiftly sat up.

The knife in his hand slipped and fell on the floor making a sharp metallic sound.

And before he could even anticipate what has happened, she jumped down her bed and kicked him in his abdomen sturdily with her slender leg.

However, ...

That assassin smiled devilishly. He didn't even move back nor flinched in pain.

Her feeble attempt didn't hurt him let alone to throw him off guard.

"Tsk... Tsk....Evelyn Walker, the only heiress of one of the powerful families is not as extraordinary as we expected" he smirked.

"Nothing like the rumors I have listened" he added.

Zhou Biyu whose English name is Evelyn Walker pouted. "Excuse me, you hurt my pride" she exclaimed dramatically and folded her arms on her chest.

Even before he could laugh at her foolishness for letting her guard down, he felt a sudden pain prickling in his stomach region.

Groaning in pain, he looked at it and couldn't help but get stunned to his core. There is a knife embedded into his stomach and blood is oozing out…

But, why didn't he even feel the slightest of the pain when she attacked?

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But again....

When did she attack him? He had not even seen her holding the knife let alone to notice that she stabbed him.

Are her moves that swift and rapidly calm, to get unnoticed by his eye?

"Please don't look at me like that. It is just a knife that is poisoned but it also gives a paralyzing effect. I just stabbed you at exact moment your knife fell down. Your bad that you are distracted by that sound" Diana shrugged and yawned.

"I am sleepy" she pouted.

He couldn't help but look at her incredulously. He couldn't deny but he loved her attitude.

His master is a fool to think that she is the fragile one in his enemies. They shouldn't have judged her based on her tarnished image in her maternal side.

She is known for her spoiled, arrogant and lazy self who never did anything but enjoyed her grandparent's money. But the woman in front of him is totally different to what he predicted her to be...

While he is occupied in his thoughts Zhou Biyu (Evelyn Walker) kicked him on his wound. It is only when he came out of his thoughts. but it is too late... his wound is bleeding and the poison started kicking in. He couldn't help but shout in agony and pain.

He clutched his bloody stomach and collapsed on the floor, his legs buckled and he lost his energy even to look into her eyes.

When he is on the verge of losing his consciousness, it is exactly the moment he heard her melodious siren like voice.

It is dripping with honey and no one could even imagine that she is the one who jeopardized a massive and sturdy man like him.

"Yes, I am not extraordinary just like you thought but I am unique. I might look delicate and sensitive but I am not." Zhou Biyu said.

"I might be fragile to be judged as the easy target, but I am intelligent enough to overcome this and to use this as my advantage" Her voice is rich and full of powerful attitude just like how a queen should possess.

"Nice poem, right? If you escape from here alive, feel free to publish it..." she giggled. Her mood totally took one eighty degrees turn.

But one thing is for sure.... she sucks at making a poem.

However, he couldn't help but get confused.

For one second she is all powerful and full of attitude but the very next second she is like a childish, arrogant brat. However, he is in no position to think of it as he passed out in pain.

Sending the alert, red signal to her uncle and his team, she swiftly wore her bullet proof coat that was designed exclusively for her, she took her favorite gun and some daggers before she sprinted out of her room.


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