185 Bad ass, Ms. Zhou (Biyu)

"Listen carefully, Emma. If you do whatever I ask you to do, I might forgive you. Forgive you in the sense doesn't mean I will give away your normal life back to you. Whatever you have done…..there is no space for forgiveness in it" Biyu told. 

"But I might not released this inappropriate, nude pictures of yours with various actors, directors producers and with William. 

"So, here is the thing. You will do whatever I ask and then leave the country." Biyu continued. 

"Ms. Zhou, Mr. Braxton is calling you inside and Ms. Alex is expecting Emma's presence." The assistant told bowing slightly. 

Biyu nodded her head and gestured the bodyguards to bring Emma inside. 

Then she walked ahead of them and went inside. 

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Meanwhile, Emma is in quite a shock. Did she just hear assistant call Linda as Ms. Zhou!! 

If Linda is the adopted cousin of Zhou Feng, then who is Chloe??

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