Author's note (Please do read before you start the book)

Hi guys... Authornim here. 

I gladly welcome you to enjoy the sweet, reincarnation story of our leads. 

And, The devil's little Villainess is my second book.

I am also Author of

1. Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO

2. Royal love - I fell in love with CEO. 

Please do check them out. And, I am sure you will love both the books if you are a fan of family, friends, mystery, love and all the sweet emotions.

The devil's little Villainess is a standalone story but it is connected to Ms. Attractive and Inciting CEO. 

If you are planning to read Ms. Attractive and Inciting CEO as well, I recommend you to read it first and come back to this. It might spoil the suspense of the first book, if you read this book first and go back to my first book. 

If you are planning to read The devil's little Villainess, alone, you are good to go as this book's suspense has nothing to do with my first book. 

As of ROYAL LOVE, it is totally a different plot and it is really a beautiful book. I am so sure, you guys will enjoy it. 😊

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The reason I uploaded the introductory letter here, is to mention a few things 😊

1. I am not a veteran author, so I might make some mistakes. Suggestions and rectifications and gladly welcomed and I will try my best to correct them. 

2. Hate comments/ Hate reviews and baseless accusations of any kind will be deleted. There is a difference between constructive criticism and hate. 

3. Please do support the writers by sticking to Webnovel rather than following pirate websites. We, original writers will be very grateful. 

Thank you ❤️


The above link will lead you guys to my discord server. 

I might not be very active but questions related to the story could be asked. 

You can chat with me, our fellow readers and also the fellow authors of the other books. ☺️


And, please do vote, comment and review the book. Be active and it will be the energy to me to write more interestingly.

Love you all.. and, be safe♥️♥️

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