38 Austin is cheating you!!!

Till today….before he met Linda in the company he use to think that only Linda can make him feel like that. 

But when he saw this new version of Linda he no longer felt like she is his Linda. However she is still his first love and his inner feelings for her are still the same. 

Jasper sighed and he couldn't help but feel like to talk with Evelyn. 

She will always know what to do at this times. 

But when he went to knock her door he noticed that it is locked from outside. 

She must have gone for the dinner with that Bastard. 

And without any second thought he fished out his keys. 

As he is new to city H he wanted to roam around and see…


"Biyu….I need to talk to you right now!! Where the hell are you?" Mingyu's angry voice made Biyu (Evelyn) startled.

She couldn't help but wonder what is wrong with him. 

"Bro, what's wrong?? I am dining outside" Biyu said. 

William couldn't help but feel extremely annoyed. He didn't even got a chance to talk with her. 

"Stay there!! I will pick you" he gritted his teeth. 

Biyu shivered. Mingyu is really very scary when he is angry. So she couldn't deny but accept it. 

She obediently gave him the address and in less that ten minutes Mingyu came. 

"Bro….what's wrong" Biyu frowned. 

William Ye looked up at them and sighed. He stood up for a handshake but Mingyu is very occupied to even care about that. 

"What's wrong?? Everything is wrong with your boyfriend" Mingyu hissed and Biyu paled. 

"My boyfriend!! How…do you.." however she stopped talking as she felt William gaze on her. 

She can't talk infront of him. 

"Let's go somewhere and talk" she suggested. 

Mingyu emotionlessly looked at her and nodded his head as he partially dragged her out. 

Meanwhile William sighed. 

Biyu has boyfriend!!

But her friend/brother Lu Mingyu didn't seen happy with this. That means he still have a chance. 

Thinking of this his smirked and chuckled darkly totally not aware that a girl has seen everything from behind. 

Sighing out again in relief he started humming a song and leisurely strolled out of the restaurant. 


"You are in love with Austin??" Mingyu asked her as soon as they entered his villa. 

Maids and other house staff who are well habituated to his short temper skillfully left the room. 

They were so afraid because they never saw him this angry especially with Ms. Zhou.

"Brother…that…actually" Biyu fidgeted her fingers as she looked down at them. 

She is already guilty and now, he is making her even more guilty. 

"ZHOU BIYU…ANSWER ME. OR ELSE I WILL CALL YOUR BROTHER FENG RIGHT NOW ITSELF" he shouted and instantly her eyes blurred with tears. 

She never understood why Mingyu hate Austin so much. 

Since their college time he use to hate Austin and his group but whereas Biyu…she had a huge crush on him. 

She is actually very infatuated by Austin. 

"Yeah. He proposed to me a few months back and I accepted" Biyu meekly said. 

She can bear everyone but when her brother Feng and Mingyu scolds her she just burst out crying 

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"ARE YOU NUTS??" Mingyu shouted again. 

"Why…..can't I love him? He is really caring" Biyu cried out. 

Mingyu instantly got alarmed as he saw her crying. He don't have any siblings and he always treated Biyu as his little sister. 

He in fact love her more than he love his own family. More over, her cousin brother Feng asked him to take care of her. 

Everyone knows about her fickle mind. Her opinions changed as often as she change her dresses. 

That is the reason he is worried about her. 

"Biyu….I am not telling you not to love. All I want to tell you is to love a right person. He should not only be caring but also sincere. He should trust you and tell you everything. That type of love doesn't come knocking your door. It will blossom when it is with a right person and at the right time. All you have for Austin is infatuation" Mingyu softly said as he patted her back. 

Biyu couldn't do anything but cry even more. As she thought about his words…it matched exactly with what she is feeling for Jasper. 

He is caring and also sincere with her. In their short span of time he truly trusted her and he even told her some of the confidential matters related to council. 

He never lied to her and he was always straight forward. 

More importantly, the feelings that developed are something that happened naturally. 

It didn't come because she wanted them to come. But for Austin….she actually thought she love him and that is the reason she felt she has to share all his responsibilities and burden. 

It is not true love. 

What her brother said is actually true. She is just infatuated…

Meanwhile Mingyu looked at her with concern. He never saw her crying this terribly. 

He must have shouted on her too much. 

"Biyu….I am sorry. I was actually worried about you that my temper lost its control. I am sorry sis" he said as his voice choked. 

At the same time another person entered the house hurriedly. 

"Biyu….why are you crying dear?? Is something wrong" he hurriedly asked as he took her into his arms. 

It is her cousin brother Feng. He got a call from Mingyu asking him to come to his house. 

Worried for his sister, Feng couldn't do anything but ask his girlfriend to go back home and he come here. 

They were actually in a date but he has to come here for his little sis. If something happens to her their grandparents will die for sure. 

"Gege…..it's nothing…I am just confused. I love him and he loves me too but I am not sure if I really love him or it was just attraction" Biyu cried as she hugged Feng tightly. 

Mingyu and Feng shared a look and Mingyu sighed. 

"Biyu. He don't love you…..he is having another girlfriend too. Her name is Catherine….the same girl who you loathe so much" Mingyu dropped a bomb. 

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