8 Austin having affair

Evelyn entered the room and thanked the maid before locking her door from inside.

Her luggage was already brought into the room and is placed at one of the corner.

Evelyn sighed and massaged her temples. She is about to sit down and relax but she remembered something, she quickly took one of her bags out and opened the zip.

She smiled and fished out a soft toy. Though she is not a big fan of the toys, she didn't have a choice but hug it.

If one will see her like this they might think that she is simply a normal girl who loves her teddy bear.

But in reality, when Evelyn hugged the soft toy, she exerted pressure on its middle region. Inside the teddy bear is the bug detector and spy cam detector. It is like a Wi-Fi that will work in the set perimeter.

When she exerted pressure on it, the detector got triggered and it turned on.

Meanwhile Evelyn just hugged it sat down on the bed pretending that she just got exhausted. If cameras are really fixed, at least she have to pretend that she is not doing anything suspicious right.

After few minutes her mobile beeped. It beeped exactly three times…..an indication that the room is free of any bugs or cameras.

Her people have a very advanced technology that they are 99.99% reliable.

After the third beep ended, Evelyn waited for few seconds. The second stage of scanning the room started and it gave her a positive outcome.

It is only when she sighed in relief. That only mean that Jasper trusts her uncle…

She chucked the teddy bear on the couch and swiftly stood up before sprinting to her luggage.

Her Austin would be worried about her.

She took the chocolate box out of it and ate one edible chocolate before taking out the six cubes in which she hid the six pieces of her encrypted mobile.

She quickly assembled them and the signal turned on.

[I reached. Everything done as per plan]

Evelyn typed.

As soon as the message reached the person it got deleted.

[Good. Sleep for now]

The message popped up and Evelyn smiled.

[Austin…I miss you]

Evelyn typed it even before she could understand what she was doing. By the time she realized it was already too late. He already saw her message.

Evelyn started biting her fingernails and when the message popped up her almost skipped a beat.

She nervously looked at the message and pouted.

[Biyu, don't play around. You have very important work to do from tomorrow]

With that message the signal turned off.

Evelyn sighed and is about to disassembled her mobile.

But the signal got turned on again.

[Even I am missing you….now off to sleep you naughty girl]

Evelyn laughed and shook her head with her eyes brimming with love and affection for that person.

After the signal turned off she kept everything back into the place before changing into her night clothes.


Somewhere in China…

Austin looked at the woman in his arms.

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"Do you really have to do that?" he asked her while he caressed her lengthy, black hair.

Catherine looked at him and winked..

"I didn't do anything baby. I just messaged your so called lover…..I miss you. What is wrong with it….hmm…...you do really miss her right?" she laughed.

Austin looked at the laughing woman and sighed. "Are you teasing me now!! You know that I hate that woman right...she is nothing but a spoiled rich brat. Her attitude and good for nothing proudness…annoys me" he rolled his eyes.

"But you confess to her that you love her" Catherine sniffled a sob.

"Baby....it is only because she is from Walker's family. If we want to take down Jasper she is the only way we could get close to him. If isn't for this I would have never even spared a glance at that woman. She is sensitive, delicate and pathetic" he laughed as he kissed Catherine deep on her lips.

"But she fought well today. I never thought she can fight this good...she isn't pathetic nor delicate. She is stronger and cunning than what we thought. Moreover I feel like she has many tricks up her sleeves….you should be careful" Catherine caressed Austin's cheeks.

"Can't you see how foolishly she is in love with me. Love is blind and even before she can realize that she is betraying her own people….I will have both of them dead. Jasper and Evelyn….without them it would be lot easier to target our real goal" Austin laughed.

"But you really don't love her right. I can see that tiny flash that twinkle in your eyes whenever you see her" Catherine asked.

"It's just attraction and lust. If there is someone I honestly love….that is you. So, stop over thinking and sleep. You must be tired after all these" he playfully winked at her and Catherine winked back.

"Not that tired" she bit her lower lip and his eyes darkened.

Soon the room filled with their quick breathing and moans even though the sun raised high up in the sky.


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