45 Austin's attack plan

Meanwhile when William is wrecking his mind how to get rid of Linda without making a big fuss over it….Linda is busy in selecting the properties she has to sell in order to help William. 

She didn't even come to the office and Jasper couldn't help but think why she haven't come.

Not that he is very worried about her, in fact to be more precise…. even he couldn't understand why his feelings for Linda are not the same as before.

 But at the end of the day she is still his first love and he care immensely for her. 

Actually, he is totally confused now.

 His feelings that started to develop for Evelyn (Biyu) are very hard to ignore. 

At first, he thought that it was quite common in his age to feel those general feelings. When he started caring for her deep from his heart…. he convinced himself that she is his friend who helped him a lot at his lowest time. It is quite common to feel protective and worried for a genuine friend….

 These feelings might be quite common to undergo. However, what started to confuse him… is his recent feelings that started showing up. 

He couldn't see her gloomy and even her tears started twisting his heart. When Evelyn started crying in the morning, he felt so heavy and melancholic. 

At yesterday, when he saw the red bruise on her hand it made his blood boiled in anger. 

When he sees her smile, it refreshes his heart and instantly even he starts feeling happy. Every feeling he is undergoing now are not totally new for him….in fact at one point of his life he used to feel the same way for Linda too. 

Now, it is Evelyn. 

If those feelings for Linda were called as love, then, what he is currently feeling for Evelyn can also be called as love right. 

It start confusing him a lot. The uncertainty in his heart started making him restless. The only way he can assure himself and get some clarity is only after when he talks with his sister. 

As she will be coming to country Q for a business meeting… he decided to meet her there rather than going half the globe across. 

After thinking for a while, he started working again. 


Meanwhile at Biyu's side….

After she met Jasper in his penthouse and talked with him, she is now very adamant to redeem her mistake. As he said, she is now ready to sacrifice everything to make it right. 

She is even ready to sacrifice her life at the worst of worse point. 

Today she took the risky chance. She boldly hacked into his computer and looked into the files. 

Yes, it of course have everything related to her and her family. It is too evident that Austin is using her. However, she didn't hack because she wants to see how… 

She has another purpose…

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Biyu want to hack into his system and take the control over his mic. As she can't fix the mic by going to his house, she has enough technology to make his computers mic work for her. 

So whenever he talk it will be audible to her as well. She can at least find out what he is planning and act according to it. 

However she called it as a bold step because there are high chances he can find it out. 

After his plan will fail and he will start wondering why it got failed….he will surely check everything. So, there are chances he might find out that she is the one who did this 

But….Biyu doesn't care. She has to sacrifice something to save Jasper. 


"The plan is to attack on his penthouse" Austin said as he entered his study room with his team. 

"As he is staying in same place as Zhou Biyu….you all must be aware of the interior structure of that complex. He will be going back to country X day after tomorrow and after that he will return…..he is going to shift to the residence area. Then we can't even approach him let alone attack him" Austin ordered. 

"So, make sure you will kill him by tomorrow. After that we will move to the next phase" Catherine said. 

After they completed giving orders…..others left the room, leaving Catherine  and Austin. 

"We will have our engagement after day after tomorrow then" she asked Austin. 

"Uh….huh. As you wish" Austin reluctantly answered. 


After Biyu turned off the mic she started thinking about what Austin spoke right now. 

So, they are in hurry to plan a attack on him just because he is in the City H right now. They will not be able to attack him if he does back to country X. 

And after that….as he will be shifting to the well secured mansion…they can't attack him while he will be in his house. 

She just have to divert the attack that is going to happen at night…..and after that she will confess everything to him and let him decide. 

"All I have to do now is to save him tomorrow….but how?" Biyu thought. 

Then a idea stuck her mind and she started contemplating that thought. 


After one hour….

Biyu called a person from country X. 

He is the same person who helped her to leak her information to the assassins the night she arrived to country X. 

"I want your help again Drake. Can you fake the data leak of the council. Don't make it too intense but it should be enough to lure Jasper back to country X tonight itself" she said. 

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