46 Attack failed.

"I want your help again Drake. Can you fake the data leak of the council. Don't make it too intense but it should be enough to lure Jasper back to country X tonight itself" she said.

"30 million dollars" Drake grinned. 

"I will give you 40 million dollars. But make sure Jasper will come to company X" Biyu said. 

After completely talking with him and making sure that Jasper will be away from city H, she started her second phase...Austin should not feel suspicious. 

So, she started covering that part. 

She is ready to sacrifice anything in order to keep Jasper safe. 


"Sir, something is happening here. Our data servers are showing error and we were not able to open any of them" one of the subordinates from council contacted Jasper. 

"Everything is already protected safe with network fire walls right. Even though someone try to intrude, our security is strong enough" Jasper asked with a furrowed eyebrows. 

He is about to go to meet Linda to talk about the project... 

"Yes sir. But ma'am (Jean) just uploaded some important information not too long back. Even before we could proceed with the security arrangements the servers got disconnected" that person panicked. 

"Hmm…..is my sister there?" Jasper asked. She can easily control this....after all she is pro in this field. 

"Sorry sir. Neither your sister nor your father is here. Ma'am have a surgery to conduct so she went to country D and your father is having a meeting with president of country C" 

Jasper sighed. "Can you transfer the controls of main server unit to me? Is it possible in this situation?" Jasper asked. 

"No sir. We can't….however, we can give access to one of our sub base of council. From there you can take charge" his subordinate explained. 

As China doesn't have any of their sub bases he have to go to another country. 

"All right, proceed with it and send me the details of nearby base" Jasper ordered as he swiftly packed up and started his way out of Ye corporations. 

"Sir, three hours from where you are…..there is an island where we have our third main sub base. We will give access from there" he sighed in relief. 

Jasper hummed in response and started his way to the airport which is just twenty minutes from there. In the middle, he called Evelyn (Biyu) and informed her. 

And within half an hour he is in his way out of country. 


Linda just completed the procedures and collected the remaining money. After making arrangements to transfer them to her fiancé…William Ye, she freshened up. 

He will be coming here tonight and he wants to take her somewhere special. Though it is a little far from here….William said that he wanted to tell her something special. 

She is totally excited and she couldn't help but think that he will propose her for marriage. 

He told her that he will talk to his parents about their relationship...

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Excited and anxious at the same time, Linda dressed up in her new knee length floral dress of his favorite color. 

But she would not have expected that something terrible is going to happen to her. 


Meanwhile at Biyu's side….

She sent the money to Drake as soon as Jasper called her to inform her about his emergency visit. 

Now, Jasper is not there in the city and Austin's people doesn't know that. So, they will proceed with their plan only to find out that he was not there in his home. 

As Austin is someone with short temper, he will not think straight. Because of this it will take some time for him to realize that she is the one who betrayed him. 

Meanwhile, Biyu decided to expose his true colors to everyone. 

Because of this, he will not be able to concentrate on finding out this and neither he can act carelessly. 

As soon as their mind get diverted, Biyu decides to confess everything to her uncle and also Jasper. 

Whatever they decide as her punishment she will gladly accept it. 

Because she know that she deserves that...

Sighing with heavy heart Biyu again started her work, totally not aware that Austin's boss is directly monitoring the mission. 

As she know about Austin, she precisely calculated the pros and cons along with the predictions. But, to her bad luck Austin's boss is someone who she is not aware of. 

With his arrival, her plan might totally take other direction. 

After making sure that everything is settled and arranged properly, Biyu went back to her villa rather than staying in penthouse. 

At midnight….

Just like how Austin planned, his boys sneaked into the complex. It is very difficult but they are trained perfectly for that…

Without knowing to the third eye, they successfully reached the top floor where only two penthouse's are there. 

One is Biyu's and other is Jasper's. 

As they know which flat, Jasper lives they easily got into the house. 

Yes, the complex is very secured and protected….mainly the penthouse's but Austin's people are quite capable of doing anything. 

After all this city is there own base. Nothing is impossible to them and not to tell the fact that Biyu already gave him the information about his living arrangements. 

But when they entered the house everything is empty…

Not even a single soul is present. 

Didn't Ms. Zhou Biyu (Evelyn Walker) informed the boss that Jasper is in the City. 

She said he was in the penthouse taking rest. 

But why are there no one. 

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