149 At last, they are taking next step of their relationship

However, Jasper will never ever let anyone or anything come between them. 

In fact, this event made him understand how fragile and insecure his Evelyn is. He should make sure that she never feel like this again. 

"Eve, are you done with today's work? We can just go back to our home or go somewhere you like. What do you say?" Jasper asked after a short while. 

She is now leaning on to his shoulder as she played with her engagement ring. After telling him about her deepest regrets and most truthful feelings, at last she felt better. 

Till now there was not a day she didn't think about what had happened because of recklessness. She might have already left her life as Zhou Biyu and adapted herself for life as Linda, there are still some responsibilities waiting for her out there. 

Even if she doesn't want to, she must, because the people who are gonna suffer is none other than her dearest ones. She can't run away….and she must not! ! 

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