71 Around the corner

"So, what are you going to do?" Feng asked Biyu. 

"I will try to remember. There must be a trigger point….which can act like a reverse switch and help me remember everything" Biyu shrugged. 

"So, what do you think is that….. I mean, the one that can be a trigger point?" Feng asked back. 

Even he is curious of what happened in that six months. Most importantly, he want to know if her death is somehow connected to the incidents that happened in the past six months. 

"According to Blake, there must be some important incident related to everything that happened in this six months. If I can get to know all those, I might start remembering little by little" Biyu told. 

"As it is evident that Jasper is in love with you….there might be something memorable between you two" Feng suggested. 

Biyu couldn't help but sigh. Sometimes, she remember a vague incidents but they vanish into thin air as soon as it reach her mind. 

"Well, I will try" Biyu smiled and gave a little hug to her brother before getting into her car. 

From there, she directly drove to the house in the suburbs. If her guess is right, she must have surely hid something important in her computer. 

Though they are erased, she can retrieve them. It might take time but she has confidence that she can retrieve everything. 


"Sir, Ms. Zhou had accident six months back. It is a minor accident and a person named Austin saved her" the group which is allotted by Jasper to check on Evelyn's past, informed him. 

Jasper is now in his house in city H. He is working from home, meanwhile his sister Jean is attending the meetings in behalf of him as temporary CEO. 

"Anything suspicious about the accident? Or, is it that person Austin who is suspicious?" Jasper asked as he turned off his laptop, giving full attention to Evelyn's matter. 

After all, he came to City H just to avenge his Eve. 

"Both sir" Jasper's team member said. 

"Sir, that accident resembled a little with the recent accident or Ms. Zhou. Though we can't jump into conclusion any time soon, we are suspecting that Austin is behind this" came a reply from the other side. 

Jasper's brows scrunched and his face abruptly turned hostile. 

Even he couldn't help but think that something is a lot more suspicious here. If both of these accidents are planned before hand….Evelyn's cousin, Zhou Feng would have found it out by now….unless the person who did this is more powerful than Feng himself.

"How much time you want to confirm this matter?" Jasper asked. 

"Sir, the recent accident in which Ms. Biyu died...our team is still investigating it. It might take us one more week to affirm it." His subordinate politely replied. 

Jasper sighed and heaved a long breathe. 

"Meanwhile I want you people to investigate about Austin and what happened to him after saving Evelyn from accident." Jasper ordered. 

"Sir, that is under progression. But, we found out that Austin is Ms. Zhou's university friend. However we are still looking into their relationship after the accident"

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Jasper gave some pointers and ended the call. 

This incident doesn't seem to be a simple one….

If isn't for this extraordinary team, finding out these minor things would have been next to impossible. Till today, not even a single person have thought that Biyu's accident is a murder. 

The plan to kill Biyu is planned perfectly that no one have seen through it till now. 

Pulling him out of his reverie, his sister Jean called him. 

It must be something important that she couldn't help but disturb him. 


Few days passed by…..

Jasper is busy in both investigating and his company works. As if this is not enough, council is now under careful watch out for an ASSASIN group named 'The white shadow'. 

On the other hand, Biyu is busy as well. Despite of the responsibilities in ADORN…..she still continued to go to her suburb house to work on her computer. 

As she didn't find any other option to retrieve her memory….she decided to check if she saved anything in her computer. 

Today, is the important day for her because, her restoring process is at the final stage. If everything goes well, she might be able to open her personal computer again. 

If that happens, there are high chances for her to find important information related to this six months. 

In the same way, Jasper's team is also around the corner in finding out about Austin and the accident. 

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