123 Another surprise

Biyu couldn't help but smile. Since the day of her accident, he didn't come back till today. It is because this house contains her memories for him. 

She smiled as she looked at the ring on her finger. They are engaged!!!

"Ma'am, your coffee" a maid gently knocked the door bringing Biyu back from her thoughts. 

"Come in" Biyu responded, a sweet smile still plastered on her face. 

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When Jasper brought a sleeping woman, carrying her in his arms the whole staff is totally shocked to their core. 

They have never seen their master bringing any woman to his private villa. He use to only allow his sister, niece, Alex and his new friend Biyu to enter the house. 

So, they couldn't help but get shocked when he took her directly to his room. and tucked her carefully in his bed. Later, he ordered everyone not to disturb her till she wakes up and the way he specifically took care of her...they are sure that she is their future madam. 

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