213 Another murder attempt

Soon the screams were heard.

It's not Williams' but the girl's. They are shrieking out as they vented the anger that has accumulated in their heart. 

Meanwhile, the people from council looked at their young madam 

'She is so cool.' They thought.

After her encounter s with William Ye and Emma, Biyu went to the main room where Jasper is there.

As Biyu went inside the main office, she saw Jasper talking to some of the officials in a video conference. 

"Yes, I need the best doctor. As for the other matter, check through the database just like how we planned. I am warning you again, I don't want any mishap in this issue" Jasper was shouting on them, very frustrated. 

But as soon as he saw his dearest wife standing at the door way, rather shocked by his outburst, he couldn't do anything but control his anger. 

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He pinched the space between his eyebrows as he closed his eyes. Trying to control his anger. 

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