223 Angry

Her hands reached for his head and she started running her fingers through the locks of his hair as he continued kissing every inch of her stomach. 

He simply couldn't control himself whenever he thought about their baby in her tummy. Truth to be told, he actually wanted to make love to her but his sister advised against it for at least a month. 

"Jas, I wanted to ask you something" Biyu said all in sudden.

Jasper hummed, but his lips didn't leave her stomach as his hands started to undo her shirt. 

"It's something serious" Biyu said when she noticed his passive response. 

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"I am listening sweet heart. Go on" Jasper said but didn't stop his actions. 

Truth to be told, he don't want to talk to Biyu about anything that is related to Martin or White shadow organization. 

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