178 All circled around them!!

As time ticked few more seconds, it is only when Feng realized what has happened. 

Didn't Veronica had accident(Suicide) few months back??

And, it has exactly happened precisely on the  fateful day when his sister and Linda met with the gravest event of their respective life's. 

Then all in sudden, the truth dawned to him and he looked at *Linda*/Veronica. 

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Meanwhile, *Linda* has been looking at Feng, scrutinizing his reactions. 

His surprised and confused expression morphed into something amusing and incredible one. 

As she didn't miss them, she instantly figured it out that he understood what was happening here. 

"You are right, Feng. Whatever running in your mind, that is the truth" *Linda* told. 

"I am Linda and I reincarnated into one of your best friend, Veronica. World is too small isn't it??" she asked, smiling at him. 

Feng nodded his head, still in shock to believe what has happened just mow. 

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