"ADORN" is the name of her fashion line. It is the top rated and most famous fashion brand in country X as well as neighborhood countries. 

It is now in the care of Alexandra, girlfriend of Liam Wayne. 

Liam Wayne is the vice president of Braxton corporations and he is also a top actor in Hollywood. 

Taking a little break from it, he is helping his friend Jasper in his company. After Evelyn's (Biyu) death, Jasper is so disturbed that he couldn't concentrate much on his work. 

The following week, after the doctor's permission…. Linda decided to start working again. 


She and Jasper are now in their way to ADORN. 

"Alex agreed to expand ADORN to country H. You can proceed with your plan" Jasper said. 

Linda nodded her head and smiled. In these two weeks after she woke up from coma, what she realized is that Jasper doesn't have any romantic feelings for Linda anymore. 

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As Biyu reincarnated, she still needs time to get accustomed to this body. So, for now even she doesn't want to jump into any relationship. 

So, everything is peace between them. 


"Oh…. I missed you" Alex who saw Linda couldn't help but tear up. 

They were like sister before she disappeared. It really affected her a lot too. 

Liam who is a little behind her smiled at Linda and patted Alex as if comforting her. 

Meanwhile, Biyu is a little shocked. It is LIAM…. her idol figure!!! Even Biyu is so interested in fashion related things. She badly wanted to become a model but her maternal family didn't agree to it. 

Now, at least in Linda's body she can fulfill her wish. After taking revenge for Linda she decided to re debut again. 

But for now, seeing her idol in front of her eyes made her so happy. She never knew that Linda has such a good people in her life. 

Meanwhile, Alex who is very emotional by nature, hugged her. "I am glad that you came back. If you would have stayed with us, all these heart break wouldn't have happened to you" she poured all her grief off. 

But little did she knew that if Linda would have stayed back without moving to China, something terrible would have happened to all of them. 

Jasper and Liam, at a time gave a warning look to Alex…. not to talk anything about it. Linda should not be subjected to mental stress. 

At that moment, Biyu could feel the emotions of Linda. So, even she, is affected by it. 

"It's okay. Whatever happened is already happened. Now, don't suffocate her Alex…. Linda is still fragile to tolerate your bear hug" her boyfriend Liam joked. 

"Hey…you. How can you say that…? don't you like my hug and kisses?" Alex fired up at him.

"You both haven't changed at all." Linda said as she chuckled. 

"Still a Tom and Jerry" she added. 

"But we are also couple a now. He is very henpecked…. poor him" Alex chuckled. 


"Next week will be the official launch" Alex said to Linda. And on the same day they decided to debut their fashion brand in city H in China. 

ADORN is already a famous brand almost across the globe, still Alex asked her idol boyfriend Liam to be the opening model of the fashion launch in City H.

"So, Alex…. even you are coming to China with me?" Linda (Biyu) asked. 

She is truly surprised when Alex acted superfast to her wishes. Its not even been a week, she asked to expand the fashion line to city H in China. 

"Of course, Linda. I am coming with you...Its been years we didn't met and moreover, you are going there for revenge and how can I let my bestie go alone" Alex asked. 

This time Biyu is again shocked. How come Linda left such a good person and immigrated to China all in sudden. 

So, she couldn't help but ask. "Are you not angry that I left unannounced. How can you all act as if nothing happened…. it's really making me guilty" 

For that question, Alex just smiled. But beneath that smile there is a tint of sadness too. 

"Yeah we were angry on you…. very, very angry to be more precise. But you are still our friend and we bound to be the same, no matter what had happened. We will not ask you for the reason anyway…it's your choice…. but for now, please don't stress on this topic…as your health doesn't permit you to do so. So, let us concentrate on ADORN" Alex said. 

Biyu couldn't help but think that Linda is really lucky. Even she is angry on Linda that she deceived these people. But something deep in her heart has been telling her that there was a reason why she has to do it….

"Hmm…. thanks Alex. I owe you for helping me" Linda (Biyu) smiled.


"Alex is thinking of going to city H with Linda. Even I want to go Jasper. How can we forget our plan to open our branch there? We really invested a lot on it" Liam said as he and jasper sat down in the lounge.

"I don't want to go Liam. As you and Alex will be there, I can count on you to help Linda, right? I don't want to go anymore…. mainly not to city H" Jasper said.

"After Evelyn (Biyu) death…. I can't go there" Jasper whispered again after few seconds.

Liam couldn't help but pity his friend. He knew very well how Jasper is...if he gives his heart to someone, he will love them wholeheartedly that it will take very long for him to move on, let alone give his heart to someone.

So, even after Linda came back and is single, he didn't even think of patching up with her again. His heart is with Evelyn (Biyu) now. 

"Jasper, I understand. But as you asked, I had our people investigate Biyu's death too….and I am right!! Her accident is suspicious…. don't you want to personally look into it" Liam asked. 

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