70 Adopted sister of Biyu??

"Hmm…. you are good at this man. Yes, she is Linda….and she is actually my adopted cousin. You remember my sister Biyu right? Linda is adopted sister of Biyu and she was in country X till now…. she had an accident and she lost some of her memories" Feng quickly covered up. 

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Last night, after finding out about his sister's reincarnation he started to think how he has to make her stay closer to them. If they want to protect her both legally and publicly, they must show that they are actually related to each other. 

After giving some thought, he decided to announce her as his adopted cousin and adopted sister of deceased Zhou Biyu. Like this, his sister who is actually reincarnated in Linda's body will get a chance to be close to Zhou family as well Walker's family. The shares and properties which were once of Biyu will be transferred to her because she is the close family of her. 

More importantly, this will make her be close to her previous family. Like this, their Biyu will be back to them but in different body. To be honest, it won't matter much to them because it is only the face that is changed. Her habits, her talking skills, her love for her family are still intact. 

If it is still tough for them to cope up with this reincarnation thing…. they could just think that their Biyu did a plastic surgery. But it is unnecessary because they started accepting the fact. 

"Adopted sister??" Blake asked with surprise. 

"I am sorry for your loss, Ms. Linda. Biyu was once my friend...It's really sad that she has to face this at her young age" Blake pursed his lips.

For once, Biyu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It is really strange to listen all these when she is alive….

Quickly composing herself, Biyu gave a small yet sad smile. "I remember her telling about you Mr. Blake…. how you proposed to her with the flowers she is allergic to. After that how she suffered with cold because of those flowers.... I am missing her too" Biyu said. 

Yes, she misses her previous body…. but this is good compared being dead right!!

Meanwhile, Blake's cheeks flushed red as he remembered his childish proposal to Biyu back. "You both are really sisters then. But I never saw you in Zhou mansion even once" Blake asked, raising his eyebrows. 

He is actually asking her all this question because he want to analyse her situation. She is his patient after all….

"Hmm…. I mostly stayed in country X with my paternal uncle's family. I only came to China after I got debuted as a model" Biyu who is good in cooking up the stories answered him almost swiftly. 

It luckily matched with Linda's info too. Linda stayed in country X till her graduation before she disappeared. Few years after that, she came to China and became a model. 

"Well, it's really good that you came back here after your sister's death. Your grandparents really need you right now" Blake smiled. 

Wiping his hands after finishing his coffee, he looked back at her. "Let's start our first session then" saying so he led her to the room…. leaving Feng in waiting room. As he didn't have anything to do, he started working on his laptop. 


"What did he tell?" Feng asked her after one hour. Her session went almost for one hour and she just came out. 

"About Linda's memories...…I might not be able to remember those because, those can be very bad memories. Linda doesn't want them to haunt her….so she isolated those memories in her brain….it is like, she don't want them to be real." Biyu said. 

As she can't tell Blake about this reincarnation, she didn't get a clear picture about the situation. She just understood that…. this memory of Linda which she couldn't see into are really very bad memories. In short, after Linda left Jasper…. what all she has faced is a trauma that was supposed to be not remembered in order to be peaceful. 

"Biyu, leave about Linda's memories first! We must retrieve your memories back in order to understand what happened before you died." Feng said. 

"This is a short time memory loss Gege. It is because of an accident. Blake told that I can remember them if I can go to the places where I have been in this six month and meet the people whom I met in the mean time. He is right!! When I saw your girlfriend Ye Mei, I remembered her seeing in club. And, when I saw my photo with Jasper…. I remembered that incident too. Part of my memories have come back when Blake was asking me some related questions." Biyu whispered. 

"Oh!! Is it so? Then, why didn't you recognize Jasper the day you woke up from coma? And when you saw me, Mingyu and Su couple…. you didn't get any memories, back right?" Her cousin brother asked. 

"I actually felt familiar and emotional when I first met Jasper after reincarnation. But I brushed it off thinking that it is because of Linda's consiouscness left in me. And, when I saw you all…as I know you all from before…I might not have differentiated between the incidents of past six months and remaining. Well, I don't know!! No one knows how actually brain works…that too if you reincarnate" Biyu chuckled. 

"So, what are you going to do?" Feng asked. 

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