103 A request from Author...


I have totally forgot to inform you that my  book will be going premium. 

I thought to wait till we reach hundredth chapter and I am really grateful for the support you have provided to me and this book. Thanks a lot guys... 

Without you all people I might not have made till her given with the complex story plot I have selected.

I really hope you that you all will continue to support me and stay with me till the end. Story's plot is about to develop more and trust me, I will not disappoint you for the coins and free passes you keep on my book. 

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I know that free pass system became little suffocating but as a student I truly want to at least earn for my pocket money and not rely on my dad for that. 

As a reader I understand all of you, so I have been wrecking my mind how to decrease the burden. At last I came up with an idea... 

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