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Keep calm and write something...Biyu wriggled but, because of the puppy that is clutching to her hands, she couldn't defend herself. 

And, Biyu fainted out as soon as she smelled it. "Fast...fast. she might wake up soon. She is trained to resist the drugs. If she wake up in middle, we cant manage to implicate our plan." someone told. …..After few hours… Biyu woke up little drowsy than usual. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href>www.webnovel.com/book/the-devil&apos;s-little-villainess_15203207706502105/a-n-don&apos;t-open!!!-the-chapter-will-be-posted-in-short-while.-i-lost-the-draft-i-saved...sorry-guys._44344018892549905 for visiting.Massaging the space between her eyebrows, she tried to wake up. And, it is only when she looked around, noticing her surroundings. 'Am I dead?' she thought to herself. 'This time, I think I have reincarnated as some princess or queen' she mocked herself. This is because, the room in which she is kept captive resembled the royal themed room.  Standing up, she managed to walk to the enormous mirror of the dressing table which had many necklaces kept on it. "Woahhh!!! " Biyu couldn't help but get amazed. She remained staring at herself, in disbelief. 

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