132 A contract

"Thanks a lot Biyu. I actually wanted to tell you about something else too" Ye Mei told. 

"Hmm….what is it, sis in law" Biyu asked smiling brightly. 

"It's about Linda. I wanted to talk to you about Linda" Ye Mei told. "And, just call me Mei…sis in law is making me blush" she laughed. 

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And, it is true that her cheeks are blushing red. 

Biyu smiled mischievously and swiftly snapped a picture of the blush. "I am gonna send it to your fiancé" Biyu teased as she selected her brother's contact to share. 

"No, you are not gonna do that!! I rarely blush and he teases me a lot" Ye Mei laughed as she pouted. 

Biyu laughed and lifted her hands as if she is surrendering. Then both of them laughed heartily. 

"Now, coming back to the topic. I think you really needs my help in finding about Linda,  given to the fact that her memories aren't coming back to you" Ye Mei seriously said. 

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