204 A coincidence of missions

Most of them aren't aware of their lady boss and they are clueless about their boss 'love life'. 

So they thought that his marriage would be an arranged one to strengthen his family. 

But now they understood how wrong their predictions were. 

Their sir's plight made them realize that he is in bad mood. So they were extra careful while they attended meeting. 

Meanwhile Biyu is totally shocked as she entered the room. 

She didn't expect this. 

This room is almost as huge as her and Jasper's bedroom. And, in addition to it, this room is totally decorated with roses and the sweet smell wafted her nose. 

There were even electrical candles which resembles the actual ones. As she turned off the lights in room, the candles turned on automatically and the fragrance in the room increased. 

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"Romantic" Biyu commented as she looked around. 

Dim lights, sweetness in air and the roses made it more romantic. 

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