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The Devil's CEO Wife


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"Like what you see?" she asked with an impish grin. “What are you doing?” his gloomy tone rang to her ears when she pulled the blanket over the thin lace that was barely covering her body. “Sleeping. What else?” "This is my bed.” he protested grimly. “This is my bed too.” she quipped with a sly smile. “Get out!!!” “Nope. Goodnight,” she said and closed her eyes. “This is my house. My rules.” “Wrong. This is our house, The wife rules.” A beat later, she reminded him. “What’s yours is mine. What’s mine is yours. Don’t forget our vows.” ***** Shameless?    She’s going to be one. Penniless?     She’ll make them penniless.  Mistress?      Scratch it. Be a WIFE. 6 alternate personalities. 1 body. Will her rebirth be a blessing or a curse? ***** Update as of May 7, 2019 This story contains a lot of sensitive mental health issues. In my desire to bring you a better story and not to be a vessel of wrong information, I am going to co-write this story with an experienced writer. Our target of completion will be next year. Apologies! (As much as I wanted to give you something, I have learned my lesson. I'll never post an incomplete work. ) Thank you for your support! - TJC ***** I don't own the cover photo. Credits to the owner.

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