The Devil's Assassin
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The Devil's Assassin


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What is The Devil's Assassin

Read The Devil's Assassin novel written by the author Kid_Phantom on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, system, revenge. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


As a child, he was abandoned by his dad leaving him and his mother to pay for his dad debt but sadly she paid for it with her life, after witnessing that at the age of 7 he stop believing in a savior and started taking matters in his own hands he trained night and day. Getting with the wrong crowd he died and was given a second chance by the devil, he becomes her personal assassin and in return, he gets his revenge. Will the emotionally messed-up kid get his revenge? or will he be consumed by the darkness? guess we both have to find out as we read The Untold Tale Of The Devil's Assassin. Note: NEW CHAPTER ONCE A WEEK maybe Follow me on Instagram @thee_only_phantom


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Do you like Action? Do you like emotionally damaged mc's who are completely out of control? well if any of those is a yes please check this book out it's fun to read, the characters are awesome just give it a read...yeah I know giving your own book a review is shameless.


This book is amazing. From the plots to the characters and the overall setting. The writing is just beautiful, I recommend this to anyone who loves martial arts books.


A Superb Work 😊👍✨ The novel has a good plot and is promising. I love the pacing of the novel and the way writer writes the story. The writer is successful in appealing to the readers . At last the novel is overall nice and will desperately wait for the next chapters to release And hope that the writer will continue this awesome work and will evolve even more with time . Mine best wishes are always with you .


Amazing story, awesome characters, murderous protagonist and interesting abilities. Plus amazing fan service so its a 10 and would recommend to anyone...


Murder, ***, school and hunting down people to collect their souls awesome!!!! this story is so amazing same for the plot and the characters👌 I recommend this book to anyone who loves action,system and school life....and a dark novel give it a read u won't be disappointed


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For sure, I need an update from the author because I'm hooked on this story, Idk this book gives me the vibes that it'd be a really great story. I've read a lot of stories and I didn't it was good so I'm going to be rooting for this story!


I read all the 9 chapters that have been published. The story is interesting and different. It is developing well. The character design and the world background are well done. The stability of updates can not be assessed at present as only 9 chapters have been published. The writing need to be taken care off. It is not only the spelling mistakes but the punctuation that needs to be seen. The use of inverted commas, the full stop and commas are important. Please keep your paragraphs small as most read the novels from their mobiles and prefer shorter paragraphs. All the best, Author.


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Okay so first thing first, I really like the plot of the story. It's pretty intriguing. The only thing you need to work on is the use of punctuation. When I was reading, I saw some dialogues that are still missing the right punctuation. For me, punctuation is actually very important when it comes to writing, as it what makes things easier to read. If you can fix this little errors, I think you will write a better story as yours has huge potential to it. Keep on writing! Great job!


nice story and amazing characters. It has a really good plot and you also have nice vocab. It has a lot of potential, so keep up the good work!


This book is really amazing despite the fact that we have a murderous protagonist the book is really good. The plot is very simple and kool not every time someone get the opportunity to assassinate people to collect their soul....the book not only focuses on the mc's quest but it also focuses on his daily life and so on. The writing could be better, this book has potential to grow if the writer doesn't trash it anyways love this book and you should give it a read😁


Let see, your grammar is holding back your book and it makes me confused, I even had to re read the sentence, I recommend you to fix it in the future.


Great read. The action of the main storyline takes place immediately and we get to know our protagonist more. A cool one at that who also isn't afraid to express his anger or his desire for vengeance. The cover, the scenes and the overall atmosphere really capture it all. Some of the structures in this book, such as a change of character POV, may need some rework (maybe an entire chapter dedicated into that specific POV instead of putting it in the same chapter as the protagonist), but overall everything is running very well. Recommended for those who enjoy revenge themed /supernatural novels.


Soo interesting,I can't stop reading. Now I just need to know how the MCs partnership with the devil lady(hottie in red😅) turns out. And did he use his new abilities responsibly?🤔 Well,I can't stop reading it.


This book is kinda crazy, just like its characters. The only downside is that it requires a bit more effort to read because there are many run on sentences and grammar issues. But hey, maybe that craziness is what the author is going for,


I love this story, its very different and it has the potential to be a hit. The pacing and world building is on point, the main protagonist is a mad man but his decisions and the way he acts just makes him so lovable and hated at the same time. The writing gets better and better each chapters BUT WHY TF DO YOU TAKE SO LONG TO UPLOAD!!!


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This book is very interesting ignoring the fact that the main protagonist is a mad mab it's really Kool. The following chapters that are introduced so far are amazing, thou we don't know a lot about them because this book only have 11 chapters they're really likeable. The pacing is great, the writing is okay could have been better. I enjoyed this book Arthur please upload more often🙏


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