The Destruction Of Balance
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The Destruction Of Balance


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What is The Destruction Of Balance

The Destruction Of Balance is a popular web novel written by the author Xyenox_chip, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, SHOUNEN, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 15.1K readers with an average rating of 4.58/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 19 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


One who wants to save the world, one who wants to destroy it and a star of balance in the middle.


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An interesting intro. The writer knows how to make the chapter interesting and engaging. The story is promising and could well be good so I hope you write more chapters.


this book is so awesome. Myself got stuck in it. Can't leave it off my eyes. It's too awesome that it's so difficult to wait for new chapter. Mystery from the start!! Trouble every where. Really my taste. I love it. If there was an anime of it I would stick to it. The writing is smooth and easily explained in everything. I like the style. Go for it writer you can do it man. built us a new world we have never seen before. Keep writing and don't stop. I am also a support of this great book.


Ordered or unordered- I will say you have a potential to develop more creative writing skills, that can really be predicted from your writing style; I hope the writer re-visits and re-edits the initial Chapters thoroughly- You got a potential Buddy!


Reveal spoiler


It's actually very intense and has a lot of potential.. everything is a mystery to so I will not a ssume but I am looking forward for more.. do more chapter please author hehe


Love it. That's all I'm gonna say.Ot's like an amazing future shonen manga in written form of literature. I hope this great story gets a comic or manga adaptation soon.[img=recommend]


Not difficult to get absorbed in this one. I could feel the tremors and lightning rumbling through my brain. It's your usual teenage protagonist, but his story is worthy of a shonen manga's prelude. And yes, it's just a prelude. Simple yet imaginative. Really looking forward to this. Good luck, author! [img=recommend]


I really liked the development of the character and how much you built on them without having to give too much detail. The plot and story really kicked off with a bang and i can’t wait to read more.


Well I think it will be a good novel in the future and from what I have read it was a very interesting story. A good start I think [img=recommend][img=recommend]


This is pretty intense from what I've read. Could definitely use a few tweaks here and there, but overall is a really good story. Keep it up


I like this it was set well I need more of an aspect of action or horror or thriller to get me reading longer but this was a really good read


The book has a great plot,well detailed story. I wasn't a fun of this kind of stories untill my oh my, I came across this book. Keep it up author, cannot wait to see what you have instore for us. # consider me your fan from now[img=update][img=recommend]


This book has a way of telling you to read more . The endings of each chapter are captivating. Nice work on your description in the story. There's so much potential in the story , made me feel like I was watching a movie.


I really liked the story. Starting with an interesting introduction to the last chapter updated, it was amazing. But the chapters ended quickly. Please update soon. I want to read more. Good job. Keep it up!!


Great story, after reading one chap, I was literally curious like what happened next, after the next chapter I got the same vibe. The story hooks you up completely and you just wants it to keep going. More chaps please


So I was a little confused in the first chapter and there were some grammatical errors which disrupted the flow of the story, but I really liked the mystery portrayal that evokes in a reader the need to know more.


Reveal spoiler


I actually really love this. The story is interesting and the happenings of the world are intriguing. The caps are a bit cliche and there are some grammatical errors, but aside from that, this book has a lot of potentials. Would love to see how the powers are expanded on.


Ohoho! A novel that will arouse your curiosity and will compel your mind. Good God this got me hooked. Keep up the good work, I will wait for the next chapters


Honest Review# Cons : -Soo, first, the main character introduction is a bit meh for me, you need to increase the introduction from the MC so we can know what kind of dude is the MC. -Second, your writing need a bit improvement IMO, you need to decrease some words in each paragraph, because it makes your reader more comfortable reading it, and make sure if you want to go to dialogue, better make new paragraph. -Third, the story development a bit too fast i think? Pros : -By far, Original theme, except a bit edgy MC, but good background story, you need to widen the background too, the origin of those monsters. -Good description on how MC felt, maybe a little polished will be more great Hey, you can still improve tho, have fun writing


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