2 Chapter 2: My invisible Prison

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Since the day, the Sy family found out about Liam's second gender test result they agreed to have him stopped attending school. They hid him from the world afraid that if the world finds out it will taint the good name of the Sy's.

At the age of 15, Liam had his first heat. It was unbearable to the point that inflicting self-harm was the only way that can soothe the pain he was feeling.

Another 5 years had passed and Liam was so used to the heat he is experiencing every month that screams the fact that his body was indeed an Omega an Invisible prison he is currently cage in. By the age of 20, he hadn't done anything. He could barely read and write. Had no educational attainment, no money, no property, and most of all no love from his family. There were times that he hurt himself just to get little attention from his parents but not once did they lay their eyes on him. He was lucky enough that one of the oldest maids in the household actually took a liking to him and cared for him. Ms. Merdie was the one who took care of him, fed him, and was there when he needed a mother to soothed the pain of his heat. 

"Merdie take Liam and bring Liam out of his room, go clean, and dress him in these clothes. We will go out." From outside his door, Liam can here his father ordering the head maid of the household. Minutes after the door opens revealing the smiling face of the Beta woman he treated as his second mother.

"Liam come we need to get you clean and ready. Your father is asking for you. Mr. Sy is actually in a good mood maybe he finally accepted you that is why he is treating you out." Liam's heart begins to hammer inside his chest, it made him nervous but at the same time happy that for the first time in a long time after his second gender was revealed his father is treating him the way he used to treat him.

"Do you think father accepted? Do you think he will be able to love me?" Ask Liam, he wanted so much to hear the answer he had been yearning for years. Maybe what he has been asking for patiently will now be given to him.

"I don't think father already accepted you. Dream on, no one in this family will going to accept a whore like you!" 

"Monica!" Shouted Merdie, then she looked at Liam in front of him. "Of course with such a sweetheart like you who wouldn't? Don't listen to her she's just maybe not in the mood but believes this old lady will you?" said Ms. Merdie.

Liam just nodded. Not only his parent's treatment change but also of his siblings. They find him disgusting to be with even much more as to be in the same room as he is. Except for this day where his father told him to get ready. His sister went to barge in his room just to say such hurtful things to him, but despite all the hurtful things they did to him he still loves. He believes that one day they will be able to love a person like him and he can't wait for that day to come.

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Monica walked in front of him just to point at him with her finger while pushing him using it as she says what's on her mind. "You think you already got father's favor just because he wanted to take you out. That will never go to happen you hear me?" Monica didn't felt happy and content, immediately she pushed Liam till he fell on the ground. The old woman immediately attended to him, helping him to stand up.

"What did you do Monica?" The woman angrily asked. She's still helping Liam to stand up but a hard slap made the woman stop her from helping Liam to stand up.

"How dare you talk to me like that. You are nothing in this house but just a lowlife maid!" Monica shouted the old woman can't believe that the young lady of the house has lifted her hand to inflict violence to the likes of her as she degraded her job and position to the family household.

"Don't help that bastard he deserves to fall and stay on that ground where he fitted the most, just along with the dirt, which is seated lowly on the ground." With that Monica finally went out of the room. Liam looked at the old woman beside him and see the glisten of tears brimming in her eyes. Liam offered the only thing he had and that was kindness,  He said that even with kindness maybe somehow he can help to lift up the heavy feeling that the old woman might be feeling right now.


Full of Hope and full of happiness Liam came with his father. While on their way to the place he doesn't know Liam tried to convey a conversation as his way of reaching out to his father. "Father thank you for the clothes they are really beautiful," said Liam. His father remains silent until they arrived at a simple family dinner. There they sat and waited patiently for someone that Liam didn't know.

After what seems like forever a man in a black coat appeared and seated across their seat. After settling down the man spoke, "Is this the Omega?"

"Yeah, an untouched Omega. Your boss would not regret having him for himself." his father said.

Fear slowly creeping up to him as he finally understands what is happening. With all the courage he can gather he spoke to his father "Please father don't do this to me, I will do anything but this." He begs and begs and begs. Not wanting to get any more attention from the people at the dinner his father injected him a tranquilizer to knock him unconscious.

Liam opened his eyes as he slowly regaining his consciousness everything that happened flashback to him instantly bringing him back to reality. "Father really sold me," he whispered. Tears started brimming in his eyes when a baritone voice suddenly broke the silence of the room.

"Finally you are awake. Now let's get down to business." Said the handsome man who just entered the room.

Amidst all the chaos running inside Liam's head, he found the courage to ask the man who he had never seen before. "Who are you?"

"Me? I am Lance Kerstein Montero. The CEO of the Montero Empire and I will be the father of your child."

"What do you mean? I don't even know you and most of all I don't even love you!" said Liam

"Omega I don't need your love what I need is your body to give me an heir. Shall we start?"


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