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What is The Depra King

The Depra King is a popular web novel written by the author Ike801, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, MYSTERY, SLICE-OF-LIFE, TRAGEDY, MALE-LEAD, DEPRESSION, WHOLESOME, OVERCOMING, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 21.4K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 18 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a certain city wrapped in mystery, strange occurrences are commonplace. Freak accidents, strange incidents, and unusual people are found throughout this place. Many of the city’s residents go through their lives witnessing such events, and as such now consider it a part of the city’s charm. The Depra King is a victim of one of these freak accidents, with his family disappearing overnight during the summer before his freshman year of high school. It is now been about 4 years since then, and he is now almost in his last year of high school. Unable to enjoy everyday life, his friends try to help him, pushing him far out of his comfort zone, in the hopes to change him, little by little. A story about a depressed boy, and the friends who try to help him overcome it. And so, our first saga begins Hidden Power Saga: Saga 1 **Note, they have secret abilities, so try to guess what they are, especially Depra's, by the end of the story. Although, if you ask me, you won't fully guess it until Saga 5...**


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As always, my opinion as the Author of this dandy tale means that this review is completely unbiased and has no ulterior motives to get you to read this first. In other words, let’s start the review! So, The Depra King is a short book, only going to be about 20-21 chapters, give or take a couple chapters depending on how the writing process goes. But the chapters are long, most easily going beyond 5k words a chapter. If that’s daunting to you, since I know that most stories on here are only 1-1.5k words a chapter, then come back later I guess? For the adventurous however, you’ll find that this is no ordinary story. The prologue basically tells you what’s up, and the rest of the story is how the main character, The Depra King (I love word play) handles it. This is basically a slice of life series, about how a depressed boy tries to overcomes many hurdles, both internal and external, to try to be a better person, to overcome the challenges of depression, and maybe find a little love too. The side characters, I feel, are what truly help him grow as a person. They each, in their own unique way, try to help the protagonist reach out of his shell, in order to become the person they know he can become. This story isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s gonna hurt watching him, as he struggles to find happiness, but that’s the point of the story. It’s about the journey he takes to reach the happiness, and while he may make mistakes, as we all do since we’re only human, it hurts him a lot to reach the point of happiness. And, finally, the sort of fantasy side of things. This is a part of The Hidden Power Saga, and so he does indeed have an ability that won’t be revealed until the end, so theorize away, all though none of you will really get what it is until Saga 5…


What can I say... Nice work. Writing quality check✅ Character design check ✅ World background check ✅ Story Development check ✅ Love your writing quality, just a few missing word sometimes in a sentence but other than that it is spectacular, because it doesn't interrupt the flow of your reading. I mean particularly I am not one for long chapters but I almost didn't notice while I was reading. You gave a good flow of your story with the way you write, narrate and all. You did some show not tell, bringing to life your narration. I particularly could relate to our mc. In the first chapter author gave us a bot of a depressing situation to a hope filled one and plunged us back to the bitter truth, a bitter wish coming true. And then the suspense at the end... Leaving u yearning for d next. Nice work. Keep it up.


Nice work. Writing quality Character design World background . . Like?


As a guy who only read up to chapter 5, which you'll soon see right next to my name once I drop this as a review, here are the points I can say. Let's start with what I love, The characters are abundant and they individually have personalities that lets them feel real enough that the dialogues are amazing to read at times. (Strong emphasis on at times). I'm impressed at times (emphasis on this again) how well you handle a large cast without it feeling like it's overcrowding or having to pick and choose which character gets the spotlight, all of the characters present get equal amount of attention. The depiction of depression in the book feels really personal that I sympathize with Depra in some occasions. (For me it's the family aspect as well as the social anxiety). I would've liked the moments where his depression is triggered were more refined rather than raw. Moving onto the things I didn't enjoy. There isn't a lot really, but there are situations where I feel like I'm being forced to swallow how Depra feels and how I ought to sympathize with him. The family conflict would've been written much better if you had at least made the other side likable to some degree- you could've used his twin brother in that regard but that's just my take. Page breaks mate, we need to talk. The way you do 'em is bad. Just use .... and be done with it. On that note, please don't use them all the time 'cause at times I feel like I'm reading scenarios rather than an entire book- you could've seriously split chapters rather than making page breaks but these are just my personal feelings. All in all, I'd give you all 5s on this.


I personally don't feel like I am the type of person to read through the novel. It feels like the novel is the type you read if you are already invested in it, not to actually get invested in it. Whilst reading through the text I realize that the text doesn't necessarily pack punches. I think the author needs to work on foreshadowing a bit more in order to make the emotions really come out. Expectations getting broken is usually the way to circumvent the reader's defence mechanism. And it doesn't have to be plot twists or anything. Let's say we got a character, if you make that character act really friendly for the first half of the text and then someones shits on them, it feels more vivid and more offensive. The vocabulary is good, the mystery feeling the author tries to establish comes off really well. It doesn't feel like the author is giving us the whole picture without the colours instead the author gives puzzle bits and lets you add them together which is really well done. On that aspect, the author does a good job. I feel like a large part of the novel is a story not worth telling, again don't get me wrong. There are certain parts that are good, but the book doesn't play off its unique premise enough. That makes it bland and boring. The characters feel fleshed out. I would say the author attempted to make them realistic, but the author confuses what makes a character realistic. In the author's mind, realism is acting how you are supposed to act but I think it's good characters written well. A character that is engaging and consistent becomes realistic to a degree in our heads. Think about the genie from Aladdin, he felt real but the way he acted and what he was wasn't real. Or a dragon could feel real, it's all about how well written it is. The characters themselves don't feel real if they are depicted acting normally.


This is a warning, if you don’t like to be emotionally invested, don’t start this story cause it sucks you in very quickly. The story has a well developed plot and the characters are extremely lovable, like literally everyone and they have very clear personalities, in another word, well designed. And the writing quality is very consistent and on point so the reading for me was smooth and effortless. So if you’re thinking about starting this, do it! Definitely a very good one and you will love it.


Very interesting and well-made story about a young man dealing with the consequences of a strange development surrounding his family while he tries to put his life back on track with the help of his friends. His many, many, MANY friends. The cast of characters is insanely likable. I freaking love all these people. Everyone brings a new feel to the story which completely changes the mood. Sometimes things are sad, others its happy, and we keep changing as the mc keeps coming across new characters. The overall plot is a very cool mystery that progresses at a very nice pace. At first it can be a little hard to take in (These chapters are looooong, and there are sooooo many characters to keep track of), but if you can manage to put up with it you might find a really good story to follow! Try out the first couple of chapters and see if it's your thing!


This story dragged me into the character shoes, no doubt about the writing style it's superb, no noticable grammatical error or mistakes. The plot planning a d character planning is nice too. Keep up the good work author.


First I want to point out the long chapters which portray the story well The characters and story line is well thought out which helps the story develop with a eerie feeling which keeps you on your toes Did I already mention the long chapters??? Read the story before u judge the book you will realise how good it is...


Insane (the good one)... First of all... if anyone gonna read then be prepared for long chapters but don't worry they are not boring. It'll be like reading a chapter from Harry Potter or A song of Ice and fire... This have long chapters but never bore you instead keep your interest and the main reason is the emotional turmoil of a neglected guy in his family(I don't know if I'm using the right word) by the author. The relationship he had with his parents and especially with his brother compared to rest of family..(the rest of the family 👪 are as usual sucks...).. and that even push him for taking a extreme step..(That's it in the name of spoiler 🤐.. wanna know more? Then read it.🧐.)... Now as for the writing quality and updates... Listen... there is more than 5k words in few chapters and great story....so i don't care for that... Anway... Good Work dude....keep it up...👏👏👏


The emotions and the story line is well structured together, the longer chapters let the readers delve into the story more clear, I may recommend this story to all the binge readers


The story is very intriguing and well developed and planned out. I feel there is a dark sinister coming which keeps you on your toes. Overall a really great read and even more excellent writing qualities, the chapters, and soon enough you will be emotionally attached to the MC. Definitely a must-read in my book.


We start this story with a character that is simply pushed down upon by the world around them. As the story continues, new things occur to the character and the story picks up as a result. An enjoyable story that reminds you of what it feels like to be a teenager. A good read.


It's well written. The MC is really a relatable one. The narration and everything just perfect. Simply wow. Really lives upto the modern writings. The world design and the wishes are really mystic. It's really nice.


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