1 chapter 1

" the sky looks good tonight" a soft voice rasph out as a cold hand grab my hand and squeezed gently. " dont you think so, Lian?" I squeezed the small hand back as I turn on the light. The light cast all the shadows away as I could no see the little boy laying in the bed. He had dirty blonde hair and wore a tired, weak smile that would strain against his dimples begging for rest. " Lian? What do you think?" he begged, grabbing my hand as tight as he could which wasn't nothing but a small squeeze. " yes, its very beautiful. Do you like the stars, ellajh?" ellajh nodded his head immediately. His blue eyes widening. " do you feel safe with me?" i whisper, moving my hand to touch his cheek. " yeah! I trust you so much but… you only come at night. Mommy says that your fake and that its not good to lie." " she said that? Well do you believe her?" ellajh shook his head, sitting up. " no. I trust you more than mommy. All mommy does is say im sick and tell me she hates me and stuff. One time she even let daddy in here and puff the white air. It smelled so bad. I cried and mommy said big boys don't cry so she told me to suck it up and enjoy the air while it was free coming from a fine man and a big boy!" he yelled. I stared him down and saw that he had crystal tears in his eyes as his shoulders were hunched. " what else happen when I was gone?' I asked softly, moving him onto my lap, brushing his hair off his forehead. " alot… but since lian is here, she can make it all better!" he giggled, hugging me closer, we both were silent for a moment as I heard small puffs of air go in and back out in a slow rhythm. ' lian?' ellijh called softly. " hmm?" " am I really sick. You make everything feel better but when your gone it feels all bad and nasty but I can walk! I can see! I can even move my arms. So how come I have to stay in bed all day?" I stayed silent for a moment not sure how to get what I wanted out or to crush his chances and bring them back up. " if you could be any thing in the world. What would you want to be?" I asked, now looking down at him as he looked down at his lap, twirling his fingers around. " like a animal?" " in a way, yes" " well what are you?" I shook my head as he was now looking at me. " you cant be what I am but how about" I hesitated for a minute. " I can make you into a king but you have to come back home with me and stay with me forever." ellajh face lit up as if he heard the best news which to him it must have been the best news… or so I could hope. ' will I still grow up to be a big boy?... A big king!" I smiled as he threw himself into a fit of giggles. " you can grow into the biggest boy the world seen but it could take awhile but don't worry. Ill be there with you along every way." ellajh smiled and stood up on my lap. " I dont wanna be a big,big boy but a big boy. So let's go. I wanna be with lian forever!" I grab his waist and threw him onto my side, grabbing his favorite teddy bear and a small photo of his family, sliding the photo into my pocket and handing him the bear. " hes coming?" " of course. Every king needs a knight and im pretty sure he will always have your back." " oh! Yeah!" he snuggled him closer to him and smiled. I open the window and step out, falling to the ground. " I thought you could fly?" elljh asked in a confused tone. " I can but right now I wanna hold you and walk but do you wanna go right now.?" " yeah, lets go!" I rolled my eyes playfully as I threw myself up, letting two bone wings pop out my back. " close your eyes" I felt him nod as he closed his eyes. I grit my teeth as I flew higher hearing my boney wings pop as they were fighting against the wind. I snapped my finger as the smell of burning embers enter my nose as two screams echoed. " lian?' " keep them close for me." " okay" he whisper. I made my way into the clouds glaring down at the burning house. " enjoy the free air bastard"