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The Demon Lord's Hero


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The writing is nice so far and I enjoyed reading it a lot. The novel has a good plot and is promising . The writer is successful in appealing to the readers . At last the novel is overall good and will desperately wait for the next chapters to come .


This book is my cup of tea. I honestly envy the mc here, he’s only 17 right? Well the story takes shapes at early chapters. I found it refreshing reading it. Story has a nice flow , not too fast not too slow. Just right to my bucket! Keep wrIting author-nim [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Great start! I love a good summoned to another world story and this one is good, really good, I liked the MC, and from the chapters we got as of now I can see that we have a good set up for something really good! All in all, this is a good read the only problem is the small ammount of chapters, but I will surely come back for more!


For a seventeen year old boy, Gavin is more mature and calm.. of course he is angry for being summoned to another world but he handles it will. I really like this novel.. readers if you stumble upon this, read it. Author a small suggestion, break you lengthy paragraphs into smaller ones


Wow. This is so interesting. A spicy novel. I'll be waiting for the character development, author. You even got the sexy part on point. Nice job. Keep writing. 😉


I like the demon lord he's a little playful but at the end of the day still a demon lord. He could also be called a fallen hero depending on the point of view. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up with a whole team of heroes that's be cool. More like TFS Freza deal. "Oh, I meet you hero types so wearily often I've made a game of collecting you.." "Evil demon lord I will defeat you and save the princess." Classic Hero says. "Ooh, a classic fairy tale knight. I already have 2000 of you. What do your IVs look like?" Sorry, just a joke.


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