The Demon Clan in Highschool DxD Book

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The Demon Clan in Highschool DxD


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When the Demon King was defeated, Meliodas and Zeldris returned to the demon world, together with their lovers. But when two of their descendants come back to the human world, they find human lovers, and the demon clan is slowly being reborn. Now, thousands of years later, the new generation of the demon clan, led by five superior teens, are living in the shadows, waiting for the right time to reveal themselves to the world. And what better time to do it, than when the leader of the new generation, Yuuji Hayama, is being asked out by a certain fallen angel while being followed by the servants of a certain redhead devil heiress... The Demon Clan shall rise again! I own nothing but my OC's I'm writing it for my fun, so don't expect anything too good.


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