The Demon's Gate.
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The Demon's Gate.


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What is The Demon's Gate.

Read The Demon's Gate. novel written by the author ShiranuiShukumei on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, βœ“ Newest updated βœ“ All rights reserved


A cultivator is someone who can channel the natural energy through their body, strengthening their own body or performing almost magical feats. At birth, everyone manifests an inborn spell, a power belonging solely to them. Yao Jun was born in a branch of the Yao clan, his inborn spell is considered a useless spell, a spell with no effect. Despite his useless spell, Yao Jun is steadfast and determined to cultivate, spending each day training his body to the limit. All he wanted was to be allowed to live his life as he wanted, but fate makes a fool out of everyone, and his life would end up becoming so much more than he ever expected, taking him to the dark side of the world and beyond. When the Demon's Gate opens, what will it bring to the world?

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The characters are totally unrealistic. I mean, every single one. MC saw his power used in the most sensible and correct way, decides to use it in the most silly way. Female lead hates murder and even seeing people hurt. The MC comes along, kidnaps her and forces her to kill people. She went along with the whole situation like nothing happened and even falls head over heels for him.... His parents are also uses, it would have been better if he was an orphan; seeing as they had no presence and were totally useless. Author also places dialogue wrongly; therefore the whole story flow is bad ( He would put it before a long set of actions, so the dialogue just feels out of place, while the reading what happens later is already ruined because you already created an image of what you thought happened.)


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Great story so far, Sorry I was out for a bit but I haven't forgotten how great this story is. Since the first chapter till now it's been the greatest story that I've read since I've gotten on this app .I've read this and waited for this for so long that I can't not remember The Nine Heavens Demon God Yao Jun. I hope that the author completes and writes a new novel so that we can be even more entertained than we were in this one. I think we, your readers would all like for that to happen. I hope the author has good days and writes on to be even greater in the future. Like a cultivator, people, and all things... They are all to have a final rest but I hope the author can keep writing and fighting like Yao Jun to keep his readers entertained and satisfied. Thank you Author-san for not going away like all the others and I hope that you don't go away because I don't know what I would do without your stories. I like how you used your words and I've quoted some things here and there but over all you are the best. From a faithful reader I give my sincerest Thanks to you and your writing. β€œBeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage- Lao Tzu" A quote describing the things Yao Jun stands by and what he wants and what I hope doesn't end here. You inspire others with your words and you make other people feel better I thank you author again for writing this wonderful masterpiece.


I really love your book it is simply extraordinary. It keeps me coming back for more so thanks for the good book 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


An absolute travesty of an author, that's all I can say. The stories are all pretty good, but the dude just can't fucking settle down and focus on any 1 of his stories. He just recently had four going at once so each story only got a chapter every 3 or 4 days, which I can just barely tolerate. But now he starts writing another story, meaning that all of his stories are definetly slowing down even further. The author has good ideas but is an absolute joke of a write with a mindset like that, a damn shame.


Absolutely amazing characters and setting, started off strong and here i am caught up and it’s still better than most other books on here. Definitely worth a read.


I like you author but you need to learn that having a 50ch of drivel and useless mc is not ok Before around ch 48 the story was absolute trash and just skimming is good enough cause nothing of value is there at all, the only thing you could get from that is that mc is a ***** and fucking stupid yet he can endure alot That's it....


I LIKE IT!!! This story is interesting and while MC has an amazing power that doesn't mean that everything is on easy mode. The characters are interesting and everyone so far are already important members of the story. I am still a little worried. Surely Mr. Author, you won't kill his girlfriend for the ' Berserk demon god ' trope (clichΓ©) right??? Otherwise I would rather leave it as it is and keep my good impression... Additionally...his demonic beasts are they males or females?


Really good novel, better than a lot of novels out there, especially if you're into demon gods xD. if i didn't know it i wouldn't believe this is an original, really good word building, the character development could be a little smoother (just my opinion ) but it's still really good a better than most novels. Good cultivation concept, i really can't wait to find out more about it.


I enjoy it, are you sure this is original?? Seems like another cultivation novel cliche, but wrong, it is refreshing yet satisfying all together.


i just read 15 chapter but so far so good seems promising and a lot of chapter what do you need more than that to start your reading expΓ©rience gonna enjoy it now will come back on this review if needed :)




Can someone explain the cultivation levels,author says 3 mortal earths 3 heavens 3 xiantian skies,in the chapter we see 0-10 levels then 1 grade ,i dont understand anything,author failed badly at explaining the cultivation levels in the novels.The note at the begining with cultivation levels should contain detailed explanation for reference,but in the first chapters all novels shoul;d have cultivation ranks introduced,author failed badly at it.


This story is also epic in scale like "Ancient Godly Monarch" so I am surprised it is so low in the rankings. Good thing for readers like me who can't buy spirit stones but I do feel bad for the talented author.


One of my early favorites in my library. This story has a great world view, a testament to the author's prolific imagination. The various worlds were described in substantial detail while the increase in the main character's strength and those of his cohorts was brought about gradually but in an even pace that will not bore. Some parts may be too gory and not suited for those with weak stomachs but it is what it is. I just wish that new chapters can be added at a faster pace.


I find myself loving and hating this novel, it feels bad really bad but like when bad thing happens before the good it gets better but then turn bad again, anyways love the gate thing hate his growing strong slowly, when will his beasts evolve. And why does the enemy get to have 5 gates or will the NC kill one gate and get their ability.


Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good


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