1 Prologue

Rebirth: An initiation where the million unclassified settlers called Null People reached their age of 18 are going through the process of renouncing their existence and legal affiliations. Across through the numerous trials and tests which determines their strength, mind, and skills as to what extent of their capabilities worth of being called Licit People.

Null means invalid, worthless and zero.

Licit means legal, legitimate and permissive.

Long ago before all this cruelty happened. The world before us sees that we could live in some harmony. Where every person is not determined by the standards of living, but the knowledge and capabilities of one to contribute to a better future.

However, that was such a long time ago and as we wish that could happen, but it turns out something opposed to the dream of many people. They started it by separating the people into two groups. The Licit and the Null people. On the year it started, the line of a committee of this organization that is composed of people with money, connections, higher degree, politics, and power. Lifted up to begin to filtrate the people into worthy and worthless; among who will survive at the end.

It is such a disgrace to this world when only people who can carry a lot of money and a higher degree become a Licit. When the Null people are going to fight for their lives just to live and become a legal person where nothingness wouldn't be such a problem but to deal forward on safe haven on the Licit People.

The growing population of the world did this to ourselves and the people who had to suffer are the people who have nothing and live without knowing their true existence. And that's what I feel for that, this kind of burden to young people and also to the old people who didn't make it will be much worse in the coming year of Rebirth.

Every year, the initiation begins as the young people who turn 18 will go through it to the expense of their life, just to have the cost of living each of their dreams—and I don't want any of that, I want to live, but this is not what we came for. I may not be that strong enough to stop them, but I will. We live, and we will fight for it.

January 2105


You are a part of the annual initiation ordered by the High Council to seek your individual learning and capabilities and be a family of Licit People. We're hoping to see you at your identification process and we'll keep looking forward.

The 87th Rebirth will happen on the second Monday of the month and let your life change forever.



Now, it is time to change mine. 

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