The Deception of Daughters Book

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The Deception of Daughters


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*Slow-Burn Romance* Excerpt: As if on cue the man gasped for air and sat up too fast hitting his head on the light fixed above the table. Laying back with a groan, holding the front of his head he turned Katherine’s direction. With wide eyes and mouth slightly open in shock, Katherine locked eyes with the man who seemingly rose from the dead. “Fancy meeting you here”, the young man said with a flash of his pearly white smile and a spark in his grey eyes. “I—“Katherine started, but then narrowed her eyes at the man, “This is my house”. Propping himself up on his elbows the man moved his eyes around the cozy cabin before settling them once again on the girl in the wet sundress. Leaning in close to her face the man looked her up and down before holding eye contact, “Are you..a witch?” He asked accusingly. Katherine tried not to let her face change expressions but her heartbeat spiked. Does he know? She thought, of course he doesn’t, humans don’t know about the existence of the supernatural. Katherines thoughts ran rampant in her mind when she realized the young mans face was still inches from hers. Not knowing what to do she tilted her chin up to look down on him before she playfully smiled and said “I could curse you if you’d like.” *** After running away from her over bearing family, Katherine spends her days sunbathing and tending to her garden in the human realm. Everything was perfect until she saves an arrogant man from the brink of death, stirring up feelings she had never felt before. Katherine’s brief feelings are short lived as she quickly realizes the man she saved wasn’t who he seemed to be. Forced to return to the family she ran from, Katherine’s life has been turned upside down and she vowed to herself if she ever saw the man again she would make him pay. But what happens when the man shows up in the most unexpected of places? One thing is for sure, Katherine’s life will never be the same again.


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