6 Chapter#5: The Counter:

After that Fuji started training the boys to fight and prepared them to be ready to be able to handle anything, After a month has passed Fuji called an after-school meeting in which all the member's presence was mandatory.

In this meeting, Fuji brought 7 boxes in which there were long black jackets in the boxes. These jackets had a golden dragon on their backs and were written "golden dragon the embodiment of justice".

The members asked, "What is this for?"

Fuji replies "This is for our gang, we will be known as the Golden Dragons. We will be the ones to hold the rules of the gangs while protecting our Hana, we will protect other people too."

The members starts cheering for Fuji and made him the leader after the words Fuji told the rules to uphold. One of the members asked a question "Why is it a red dragon when it is inside/out?"

Fuji says "Very good question. Everyone wear your jackets inside/out you will see that it is written Red Dragon the embodiment of Rage. We will only wear our jackets inside/out when someone of use is in rage and desires revenge."

Fuji then gives all the members a small pen-like device and said "Listen to me for which this is an important devices look the side of your pens you will see three color buttons each represents different purpose for green means there is a fight, white means need backup and red means that you are going into rage mode the small pens have tracking devices in them and they will send the location on your mobile phones and everyone must download the app Golden Dragon Warriors(GDW) to get the location. the location will be sent on this app. OK, that is all any questions."

One of the members asked the question "From where did you buy all these expensive devices and the app."

Fuji answered, "I created them myself, any other question if not then scatter and send locations of all those rules breakers."

The Golden Dragons quickly gained popularity and people started fearing the Golden Dragons yet they had not seen the red dragons. One of the members of Dark Angels saws the leader of Golden Dragons Fuji. Then he leaked the information to the leader of Dark angles.

The leader laughed loudly and said, "Today's not my birthday then why is it so lucky? Contact the leaders of Demons, Hell-born, Techno warriors, and the Rippers."

The member replies "Do you mean The Rippers the ones who kill their opponents?"

The leader replies "Yes I am in for blood."

All the members and leaders of these gangs came to one location and made a plan to trap Fuji.

The leader of Dark angel said in the meeting "My brothers, we have been hunted left and right by Golden Dragons but today I brought very good news. Brothers before today we never knew the identity of the leader of these golden dragons about 2 weeks ago when I sent the invitation I found the identity of the Leader of the Golden Dragons his name is Fuji Haruto. He is 20 years old and goes to the University of Tokyo. I have sent my stalkers after him to get his routine and today I have made a plan based on that information."

The plan they made was simple yet a good one:

"We will use a random female passerby and one member of each gang will go and rape her near the location of Fuji the leader of GD, there is no way he would be able to control his emotions and will rush in for rescue but the rest of the members and leaders will ambush him. He always jogs at 10 pm in Yoyogi Park which is the place where we will make his grave. The legend of Golden Dragons will end before it would become a raging fire we will crush this fleaker, but tonight we shall celebrate"

Fuji was jogging in Yoyogi Park at night around 10 pm. When he heard a scream that was kind of familiar to him he ran in that direction he saw that Sakura was being chased by some people who are in different gangs. On seeing this he rushed to rescue her but before he could reach her one of the men hit her with a metal bat on her head making her unconscious and bleeding. The blood ran from her head to the ground on seeing this Fuji remembered Hinata.

In a fit of fury, he allowed White to take over the control White first wore his jacket inside-out and pressed the red button of the pen, and starts to fight. White says while laughing "can you tell me which dragon is on my back, Well how would you know it is the dragon of rage? And you are going to be its victims including all those who are hiding in the woods there planning to surround me but coming close to me is like falling into the pits of hell now let's dance"

All the members ran towards White but the strength of white was not to be taken lightly and the poor fools with the hopes to slay a raged Dragon-lord did not know. They rushed at white blindly hoping to win because of their share numbers but White sent them flying one after another it was raining blood and people. White was on a rampage planning to kill all his blood lust was sensed by ordinary people miles away that send shivers down their spines.

The members of Golden Dragons saw his rampage. At that moment they knew that the red dragon hidden on their backs meant something like a demon for which there was a beast on a rampage in front of them having Red Dragon on his back and this thought made them think

"If the red dragon on our backs means releasing all your rage in one blast then it is not something possible by someone like us and the golden dragon is the embodiment of peace yet the red dragon is filled with darkness."

That they those who attacked Fuji learned a piece of Important information about Golden dragons that

"The more peaceful the one is with Golden Dragon on his back he is that much more violent with a red dragon on his back."

After the fight, Fuji did not allow White to kill them. They called the ambulance and took Sakura to hospital, Sakura remained there for one week till she woke from her comma, Fuji used to bring flowers and left them with her time after time and when she woke up he stopped coming and when she used to sleep he would come again and left flowers for her with some food at her table.

Sakura tried many times to ask the nurses but they all replied "he said you cannot disclose any information about me to her."

After that night's fight rumors started about Golden Dragons being demons. The rumors started spreading for wide changing from person to person till they became myths, used as scary stories and bedtime stories.

It changed into something like this:

"Once long ago in Akihabara, there was a gang called the red demons they were so strong that thousands of members of other gangs joined but were still unable to stop one person the leader of the red demons people says his eyes were red as gems shining in dark and his hairs were like a white blanket that covered the whole battlefield tell like a shadow of the angel of death. When he walked the ground shacked with fear, when he spoke the sky trembled, his gaze could make even the most furious creatures helpless but accept defeat and run while they still have a chance, when he fought, it used to rain blood from the sky. And his rage one could say even the gods fared it. And rumors have it they are still here keeping low for the moment lurking in the dark waiting for the right moment to strike again or maybe waiting for someone"

From that day onwards GDs gained too much power and some members used to go scare normal people into breaking the rules themselves. and no one could do anything to stop them or that is what they thought but Fuji got wind of it and some proof he called the 10 most loyal and elite members those he could trust and gave them the role of police of GDs and named them "Elite Guard".

The Elite Guard started their operations and started to take action after 3 warnings. This made Fuji relaxed and he started to enjoy his time at university.

Fuji in university open his doors for friendships but no one came to him other than Hana. a few of her friends.

Fuji was approached by one of the bullied students that thought that Fuji was also one of the bullied ones and everyone avoided him because they do not want to get bullied too. But he could not have been more wrong they did not approach him because of his cold boy attitude and he was like a school's idol with the title of ice prince.

But that student approached Fuji to offer a hand of friendship his name was Kin Kichi (as in golden good luck)

to be continued in chapter 6 (new flower of friendship)

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