4 Chapter#3: Beginning Of A New Life:

The next day Akio wearing a face mask goes to the funeral and was kind of heartbroken and happy. He was unable to sort his feelings, for which he saw that everyone was crying about Haru Hinata's death while they were happy about Akio Akira's death. Akio was about to leave but then he saw Sakura coming to Hinata's grave and said "Hinata why did you have to go and leave me alone? I know it was because of that cursed Akio I told you many times that he was cursed but you did not listen to me now look at you died taking revenge for that curse I hope he rots in hell gods judgment will be on him."

Then she goes to Akio's grave and said "you heard that didn't you bastard I do not care you tried to save us and you and Hinata died saving us only you should have died why did, you not go by yourself? I will never forgive you I will curse you till you go rot in hell"

Akio is filled with guilt and was about to go and ask for forgiveness from Sakura but he is stopped by a man in a tuxedo who says "Akio Akira! I am Sebastian from the organization your grandfather send me to train you."

Akio says "oh so you are the one Gramps was talking about."

Sebastian says "We work in shadows and kill those who are a danger to the world so I cannot let you go and apologize."

Akio says "Are you here to restrain me?"

Sebastian says "yes, I came to offer two choices to you, either you can go with your old name or we can make a new identity for you."

Akio asks "What are you trying to tell me I thought I will remain in the organization."

Sebastian says "Since you are still very young and have not completed your education yet so we cannot let you join the organization."

A black car stops behind them Sebastian goes near the car and talks to the man inside, the man comes out of the car and gives the keys of the car to Sebastian. Sebastian calls Akio and says "Sit in we are going somewhere. And we will complete our discussion in the car."

Akio first hesitates a little and then sits in the car. Sebastian starts the car and heads towards the train station.

Sebastian asks "So where were we? Yeah, your new identity so do you want to keep the old name or start with a new one."

Akio says "I will use a new name and will remain away from the organization for the next 5 years and after that, I will change my name back to Akio, till that I will complete my education and also train my body to its limits and surpass them."

Sebastian gives a file to Akio and says "your new name will be Fuji Haruto an orphan whose parents died when he was 8 years old, now his age is 17 years, birthplace Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan but due to some unforeseen action you had to go back to your village in Kanto, but after 10 years you have returned back to Akihabara. Fuji is your twin he was kidnaped by HEO and they did experiments on him day in and day out until he gave up and tried to kill himself but we came in time and saved him and he is with us now and helps us in our fight"

Akio reads the file on the way to the train station. His reading speed had increased beyond his wildest dreams he read that huge file with about 300 pages in 15 minutes.

Sebastian was surprised by the speed of Akio he thought that "This boy is not a human, he is a monster. He is Pandora's box waiting to be unleashed upon the world."

But when they reached the train after about 5 minutes Akio fell asleep Sebastian was relieved while patting Akio's head he says "So you are still a human and a badly bruised one at that but you still keep on struggling to protect the ones who hurt you. You were called cursed from a tender age and avoided by everyone no one was there to give a helping hand to a child, you had to work for your living despite your young age, and yet you did not harbor any ill feelings for them but instead, you are ready to give everything to protect them. I wonder what inspired such feelings in you but the answer to that question can only be answered by you. If I had been through that inspiring moment would I have been the same as you, thinking for the good of people?"

During his sleep, Akio is having a meeting with White and Akuji. Akuji says "so you are just going to change your name and identity into Fuji Haruto. I liked the ring of Akio Akira better but anyway, after 5 years your name will be changed back so no problem on my side."

White says "I was thinking since you are not going to use the old name for a while so you can call me Akio Akira."

Akio says "I will be taking my name back so I will not be giving you my name. And also real Fuji is still alive."

White says "you are so clingy."

Akio says "So what is the real reason we are having this meeting?"

White says "I called this meeting I want to kick Akuji out of the body. She is always appearing out of nowhere and interrupts my training session also Akio I want you to create some things here in your brain. It is so empty."

Akio says "For both issues, there is one solution but before that, I need to know the reason why is Akuji staying here?"

Akuji says "For some personal problems."

White says "so you can find the solution to your personal problems on your own and get out of here."

Akio says "White there is no reason for being harsh but Akuji I am going to agree with White."

Akuji says "Okay I am from another dimension where magic is more common than science about 99.9% of creatures can use magic and so as humans. I am the daughter of the demon king. I was trying out ancient spells one of them was a teleporting spell"

White says "So why were you trying out the ancient spells? From my point of view, these magic spells are very strong."

Akuji answers "yes these are very strong but I needed more power as humans and gods are always fighting against the demons and devils. I am the daughter of the Demon King so I need to be powerful. Because if we are not powerful and get killed or worst get captured moral of our army will drop and moral of the enemy will increase giving them the upper hand in the war."

White says "So why is getting captured is worst?"

Akuji trembles a bit, her eyes were filled with the blood and rage for a little while then she comes back to her senses and says "I have seen with my eyes my siblings who were captured, 2 elder sisters and one younger brother, my brother was at the tender age of 10 he was going from one castle that was under danger of being attacked to another safe castle but during the way he was attacked by the angles on the way he was captured and brought to humans, I was at the time hiding from the enemy then I saw that he was alive and on stage chained in the middle of town surrounded by the human army they first threw rocks at him then they brought ants and released on him, he was screaming and the human were laughing and gods were sitting watching him scream they laughed and laughed they placed bets for how long will it take to kill him, but the poison that was in my brothers body killed the aunts but he was bleeding then they chained him with a pole and left him in the middle of the town he was there for 8 days until he died but before he died the crows and other birds used to come to eat his flesh he was still alive while they were eating him, they fell on the ground one after another yet they kept on coming and I was powerless to do anything."

Akio says "Sorry you had to remember all that."

While white said, "What happened next."

Akio says "White why are you asking that from her."

White answers "For future reference"

Akuji replies "Akio it is ok, for my sisters they were caught after 5 years of that incident it happened when they were in a rage and had the power to take revenge for our younger brother I was not with them. They set out to kill those bastards, they had a plan but they failed to foresee that another god had arrived there and a strong one at that, God of fire, Ogun. they had killed 2 gods there and made a pile of corpses of humans then he came with one attack that rained hellfire on the army. I was not there but had heard that it was brutal."

White says "so that concludes your story, you can stay here but you have to stop appearing out of nowhere."

Akio says "well I will create a house in this space we three can live in it."

White says "Okay I have no problem with that."

Akio says "Akuji, I need a favor from you, do you remember how you used to come in front of me in the real world can you give White the same ability,"

Akuji says "there are limits to that power, he will be able to touch things but will be there for a short while like for 20 minutes at max, after a day's rest he will be able to do that again. And the same goes for me too."

Akio says "20 minutes are more than enough."

Akio creates a house and then wakes up. Sebastian was awake the whole time he says to Akio "Fuji did I woke you?"

Fuji says "no not at all, by the way, how much time is left,"

Sebastian says "About ten minutes." After ten minutes they reached Akihabara, Sebastian calls a taxi and then goes to Fuji's apartment.

To be continued in chapter 4 (The Encounter)

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