The Deal With The Deviless Book

novel - Fantasy

The Deal With The Deviless


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"The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow" This is a story about Akio, a normal boy without a guardian or friends. & when he finally found a friend, fate did not like that. He lost his first friend in a terrorist attack, to save his friend, he made a deal with the deviless. He gains superhuman abilities but is unable to control them so he unconsciously creates a sub-personality to control the power. Akio as a result gets two personalities. He is a cowardly boy but his other personality is the opposite of him. He has left to take revenge. And to find a place to start a new life. Will the hero survive the cursed fate and a destiny carved in hell? Will he know happiness or all that awaits him is sorrow and pain? Find out in this novel.


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