1 Prologue

My breath came out in short hot puffs as to not make any loud sounds. To stifle the rattling in my chest. The tremble of fear, knowing death is near. Outside in the dark I can hear them. Their moans are deafening, their bodies flinging themselves against the outside of the house unknowing that as they walk, their next meal is just feet away. I look to my daughter, and husband in the dimly lit room. He's silent watching the door grasping his spear, as our daughter tightens her hold on her own mouth tears sliding down her face. We extinguish our light as they draw nearer. They are not blind, nor are they dumb. If they see us, or smell us it'll all be over in an instant. The remnants of man walk around us, hunting. Traveling in packs, most active in the night. Tearing through everything they come to. In the old world humans had imagined zombies in the oddest forms in books, and in movies. Almost always humans find a way to survive, to out live the source. They triumph even after what seems like decades of loss.

This however, is not the case in reality. What's left of us live in constant fear. There is no safe heaven that can be created to avoid these monsters. Nothing can withstand them. So far nothing kills them either. Right now you live, eat, and sleep during the day. At night you hide in silence, and darkness not even daring to sweat. For the moment you do hell descends upon you as the horde covers you in your own blood. So the question remains, how do you live in a world ruled by the dead?

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